Penn Law 2019 Teaching Awards

caption: Mitch Berman

Harvey Levin Memorial Teaching Award

Mitch Berman is awarded the Harvey Levin Memorial Teaching Award, voted on by the JD class of 2019. Mr. Berman is the Leon Meltzer Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy. He writes and teaches in American constitutional law, constitutional theory, philosophy of criminal law, general jurisprudence and philosophy of sport. This year, he taught Constitutional Law, Sport and Law in Comparative Perspective, and Constitutional Interpretation.

Said his students: “Professor Berman has really taught me a lot more than just constitutional law – he has truly instructed me on how to think and be more precise with my language.”  “He really cares about making sure that the students understand the complex material, in part because he is approachable and receptive to questions.”  “This has been the best learning experience in my academic career. Prof. Berman is a gifted teacher.”

caption: Sophia LeeA. Leo Levin Award for Excellence in an Introductory Course

This year’s recipient, Sophia Lee, is professor of law and history. She is a legal historian whose scholarship synthesizes constitutional and administrative law. She has written about administrative agencies’ role in shaping constitutional law; civil rights and labor advocates’ challenges to workplace discrimination during the early Cold War; and conservative legal movements in the post-New Deal era. This year, she taught Administrative Law and Black Lives Matter in Historical Perspective.

Said her students: “Professor Lee did an AMAZING job of bringing this material to life and driving home the importance of the shifting doctrine governing the reach and power of the administrative state.”  “Professor Lee is extremely kind, approachable, and a great resource. She clearly enjoys working with students and I loved learning with her this semester.” 

caption: Serena MayeriRobert A. Gorman Award for Excellence in Teaching

This recipient of this award is Serena Mayeri, a professor of law and history. Dr. Mayeri’s scholarship focuses on the historical impact of progressive and conservative social movements on legal and constitutional change. This year, she taught Family Law, Employment Discrimination, and Feminist Legal Advocacy in the 20th Century.

Said her students: “Prof. Mayeri  is a fantastic professor!”  “Her Family Law class was my favorite course in law school, and I'm so glad I took this class before graduating. I highly recommend this course to all students, whether or not they have an interest in family law. The topics that are studied are universally important, constantly changing, and touch on some of the most important questions that an individual faces.”

caption: Herb HovenkampLLM Teaching Award Herb Hovenkamp receives this award, voted on by the LLM class of 2019

Dr. Hovenkamp is the James G. Dinan University Professor and a PIK University Professor. He is a recognized expert and prolific author in the areas of Antitrust law and American Legal History. He holds a joint appointment between Penn Law and Wharton Business School. This year, he taught Antitrust, Antitrust: Mergers, IP, & Vertical Restraints, and Law and Commerce in American History.

Said his students: “Prof. Hovenkamp is a great professor, he knows almost everything in Antitrust, and he is good in analyzing cases in both economic and legal terms.”  “We are very lucky to have Prof. Hovenkamp at Penn.”  “Couldn't imagine a better antitrust professor than Professor Hovenkamp.”

caption: Sharon LorenzoAdjunct Teaching Award

Sharon Lorenzo is awarded the Adjunct Teaching Award for her excellent work teaching and mentoring students in her Cultural Heritage and the Law course.

Said her students: “Professor Lorenzo is an absolute gem and is so incredibly knowledgeable that it blew my mind each week!”  “Professor Lorenzo is so fantastic, so understanding, and so kind towards her students. She's also very funny which helps make law school fun when you're sitting through dense classes all week!”  “This course was perfect. It was my favorite of all the classes I've taken at the law school!”

caption: Eleanor BarrettExperiential Teaching Award

Eleanor Barrett is receiving the inaugural Experiential Teaching Award for her tremendous work this year in her Legal Practice Skills and Writing for Practice courses.

Ms. Barrett (L’05) is the Denise A. Rotko Associate Dean for Legal Practice Skills. In that capacity, she administers and teaches the first-year Legal Practice Skills course; works to design and implement new skills, writing, and communications courses and programs across the Law School; and oversees the Law School’s moot court program.

Said her students: “Prof Barrett was fantastic at meeting with students and providing feedback. She has a rare ability to deliver constructive criticism in a manner that is actually constructive.”  “Professor Barrett was amazing. She clearly is a phenomenal writer, and was very effective at conveying what exactly it is that makes good writing.”  “I feel more comfortable talking to Professor Barrett than to any other professor. Her door is literally always open, and she has never been too busy to talk.”