One Step Ahead: Voluntary Separation from Penn

A voluntary separation from Penn occurs when an employee resigns or retires under their own volition.

Voluntary separations include:

  • Resignation
  • Quitting without notice
  • Separation out of medical necessity
  • Retirement

Once a staff member is separated from the University, it is the responsibility of their previous school or center to document the termination, stop payroll and cease benefit payments. Additionally, the previous staff member’s PennCard (apart from those of retiring employees), keys, all library books and other University property must be returned to the University.

Be mindful of personal data on University resources prior to separation.

Before leaving the University, make sure you have a plan to transfer all of your personal data from Penn-issued devices (such as smartphones and laptops provided by your department) and applications to devices and/or resources under your control. Services like Penn O365 and Penn+Box may not be accessible following separation, rendering your important files unreachable. For assistance with moving your personal information, please contact the IT support group in your school or center:

For more information on O365 and Penn+Box:

Clarification: With few exceptions, your University email account will be disabled and eventually deleted. Standing faculty (tenure and clinician-educator) who retire may have the option of retaining their email account; they should check with their school or department.