Form 1095-C to Arrive Soon

Although there has been a lot of public discussion about possible changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), federal law still requires that Penn send the 1095-C tax form to certain benefits-eligible faculty and staff members. This form includes information about the health insurance coverage offered to you by Penn as well as information for each of your family members enrolled under your Penn benefits plan.

You will receive this form if you:

  • worked as a full-time benefits-eligible staff or faculty member in 2018, even if you have not enrolled in a Penn plan,
  • are a part-time benefits eligible staff or faculty member enrolled in a Penn benefit plan at any point in 2018, or
  • worked at Penn an average of 30 or more hours per week in 2018 and were offered ACA benefits coverage.

The 1095-C form will be mailed and available online on or before February 28, 2019. To access your form online, go to the “My Pay” section of the secure U@Penn portal at, select “My 1095-C form.”

If you have questions about your form, call Equifax at (855) 823-3728. When prompted for your employee ID number, enter your social security number to speak to a customer service representative.

While you do not need to attach your 1095-C to your tax return when filing, keep it for your records as it provides proof of qualifying health coverage.

The IRS uses the information from the 1095-C to determine who will need to make a Shared Responsibility Payment for failing to have healthcare coverage as required by the Affordable Care Act.

For general information about Form 1095-C, visit the IRS webpages: Q&A about Form 1095-C at and Affordable Care Act & Taxes at a Glance at

—Division of Human Resources.