Damon Centola and Douglas Guilbeault: Facebook Research Grant

caption: Damon Centolacaption: Douglas GuilbeaultThe proposal entitled “Networked Crowdsourcing: An Online Experiment in Content Moderation” by Damon Centola, Annenberg School associate professor of communication and director of the Network Dynamics Group, and Annenberg doctoral candidate Douglas Guilbeault, was recently selected by Facebook to receive funding.

After reviewing over 180 proposals from 38 countries, Facebook selected 19 projects to receive funding for research that examines online content and focuses on hate speech and/or preventing offline harm.

This study will investigate how to categorize content online and how to design a more effective system for categorizing new content. The current system for content moderation involves crowdsourcing, with each contributor kept independent of all other contributors. They plan to apply their prior research in networked crowdsourcing to content moderation, theorizing that having contributors work together, rather than in isolation, will produce more coherent and accurate content classifications.