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April Council Meeting Coverage

At the April 24 University Council meeting--the last of the semester--GAPSA presented an overview of its recently completed three-year strategic plan to support student groups, in an effort to bring graduate students from across the University together into a more cohesive community.

Dr. Gerald Porter, chair of the Personnel Benefits Committee, gave highlights from his report (Almanac April 23) on health care costs and privacy.

Dr. Ned Lally, chair of the Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics Committee, (Almanac April 23) discussed academic support for student athletes, the advantages of the Pre-Freshman Program for athletes as well as non-athletes, and the notion of providing incentives to encourage student-athletes to improve their GPA, perhaps by providing a trophy to the team with the best GPA.

Dr. Paul DeWeer, a member of the International Programs Committee, discussed several aspects of their report (Almanac April 23) including the move of the Office of International Programs to new and expanded office space at International House.

President Judith Rodin responded to a question about releasing international students' information. She said that the American Association of University Presidents met in Washington, D.C. with Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge and the group will be "vigilant about giving input to administration in D.C."

(The next three committee reports are scheduled to be published in the May 21 issue).

Dr. Daniel Ruff, chair of the Bookstores Committee, presented his report which focused on the availability of textbooks; merchandising of non-text books such as trade and popular books; and the possibility of discounts with online vendors.

Dr. David Smith, chair of the Communications Committee, touched on some of the areas his committee was charged with: electronic privacy policy; remote access and library user authentication; evolution of the Penn homepage and the Undergraduate Admissions website.

Dr. Eric Orts, chair of the Community Relations Committee, said that a new website will be unveiled next month to improve communications between Penn and the community. A number of other topics are addressed in their report.

Dr. Helen Davies, chair of the Quality of Student Life Committee, reported that her committee examined the impact of fraternities and sororities on undergraduate student life. She said that more oversight of the Greek organizations is needed.

Dr. Mitchell Marcus, chair of the Safety and Security Committee, said that they accepted the revised PENNCard Policy and discussed building security recommendations that are being reviewed by Penn Police. They also reviewed pedestrian and traffic safety.

The meeting concluded with a discussion of issues to be addressed in the coming academic year.

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 33, May 7, 2002


May 7, 2002
Volume 48 Number 33

A memorial gathering will be held at noon today, in remembrance of Shannon Shieber who was killed four years ago today.

This year's Perkins Award goes to a long-time member of the GSFA faculty.
The School of Veterinary Medicine awards to seven members of its faculty.
The Penn's Way 2002 campaign raised over $400,000.
Speaking Out on Bicyclists vs Pedestrians, and Convenience vs. Confidentiality.
Death of Dr. Frederic Roll, emeritus professor of civil engineering.
Reports from the Senate Committee on the Faculty as well as the Senate Committee on Administration, along with Procedures Regarding Misconduct in Research and Policy for Postdoctoral Fellows.
Two faculty are named to the National Academy of Sciences and one to AAAS.
The expanded PENNCard Policy covers emergency events.
The Three-Year Academic Calendar covers through 2004-2005.