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U@PENN: A Web Service
to View Payroll and Personnel Information

The Divisions of Finance, Human Resources and Information Systems & Computing are pleased to announce the first release of U@PENN, a new, secure web service that allows faculty, staff, and student employees who receive payments through the University payroll system to review their individual pay stubs, benefit information and payroll/personnel data online.

The initial services that will be available to you on May 14 are as follows:

My Pay--View each of your weekly or monthly pay stubs that have been issued since November 19, 2001.

My Benefits--View a description of the Retirement Plan in which you participate and the amount of your contributions, along with contact information for your health & welfare benefits. Also, for non-exempt employees whose Paid Time Off balances are kept in the payroll system, the current balances will be reported.

My Profile--View your personal data maintained in the University's payroll/personnel system. Examples include: home address, emergency contact, date hired, job class, your school or center & organizational unit, etc.

Related Links--Link to other web sites associated with your employment at the University of Pennsylvania.

FAQs--View answers to frequently asked Payroll or Human Resource questions collected from the Payroll Office & Human Resources.

Visit U@Penn at anytime Monday through Sunday, except 4 a.m. to 6 a.m.

U@Penn is the first step in building the foundation for a faculty and staff portal or electronic gateway that will eventually allow individuals to not only view their infor-mation, but also to interact electronically with the Payroll/Personnel system in order to keep their data accurate and up to date.

A great deal of care has been taken to provide a system that protects your privacy and prevents other people from gaining access to your information. The access and security components of U@Penn are described below:

1) To access U@Penn, you will need a PennNet ID and Password. Your PennNet ID is unique and determines which information you are eligible to view. The associated password, which should be known only to you, prevents others from viewing your information. It is very important that you not divulge the password associated with your PennNet ID.

If you do not have a PennNet ID, you should visit for instructions or visit the Penn Card Center or PennNet ID stations on campus.

2) Once signed onto the U@Penn service using your PennNet ID and password, you are connected to a secure web site, signified by ‘https://' instead of ‘http://' at the beginning of the URL. Secure sites incorporate technology that protects data from being viewed in transit from a database to your monitor.

3) Your payroll information is not actually stored on the web. Only when you select information on the U@Penn site is that information retrieved from the personnel/payroll system and displayed on your screen. For example, when you click on the ‘My Pay' tab, pay information is transmitted to your screen; if you don't click, nothing is transmitted.

We hope you will find this new self-service application convenient to use and that direct access to your data will be effective. We would very much like to hear your comments and/or suggestions for features that should be considered for inclusion in the next release.

Please contact us at

--Division of Finance
--Division of Human Resources
--Information Systems & Computing

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 33, May 7, 2002


May 7, 2002
Volume 48 Number 33

A memorial gathering will be held at noon today, in remembrance of Shannon Shieber who was killed four years ago today.

This year's Perkins Award goes to a long-time member of the GSFA faculty.
The School of Veterinary Medicine awards to seven members of its faculty.
The Penn's Way 2002 campaign raised over $400,000.
Speaking Out on Bicyclists vs Pedestrians, and Convenience vs. Confidentiality.
Death of Dr. Frederic Roll, emeritus professor of civil engineering.
Reports from the Senate Committee on the Faculty as well as the Senate Committee on Administration, along with Procedures Regarding Misconduct in Research and Policy for Postdoctoral Fellows.
Two faculty are named to the National Academy of Sciences and one to AAAS.
The expanded PENNCard Policy covers emergency events.
The Three-Year Academic Calendar covers through 2004-2005.