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Hamilton Village Architects:
MGA Partners

University officials have selected MGA Partners, Architects of Philadelphia to undertake the Hamilton Village Renewal project slated to begin this summer.

MGA is well acquainted with Penn's campus. Recent projects include design of the Commencement Ceremony in Franklin Field in 2000; design and implementation of office space for Facilities and Real Estate Services as well as Penn Children's Center in the former General Electric Building in 2000; renovation and new facade for the Annenberg School in 1999; and the renovation of Kings Court/English College House in 1992.

Partners Robert Z. Shuman, Jr. and Daniel Kelley noted that this work represents "the beginning of Penn's aspirations for the renewal of Hamilton Village as a vibrant campus place." Stated goals include improved building aesthetics, renovated and enlarged public facilities to support the College House program, and increased comfort and attractiveness in private residential spaces. Hamilton College House is the first high-rise of the three to be addressed, and new landscaping in the adjacent areas will be handled by Penn's master planners, Olin Partnership.

Summer 2002 work in Hamilton College House will consist of elevator upgrades; installation of sprinklers in student rooms; installation of a superior fire alarm system; the stabilization and sealing of the concrete exterior; and the first phase of landscape improvements. A consultative committee of students, faculty and staff has been named to advise the Hamilton Village project.

Members include:
  • Co-chair: Doug Berger, Director of Housing and Conference Services
  • Co-chair: Prof. David Brownlee, Director of College Houses and Faculty Master of Harnwell College House
  • Julia Cassidy, undergraduate resident in Harrison College House
  • Dr. Srilata Gangulee, Senior Fellow in Harrison College House
  • Kirsten Grubbs, representative from the Undergraduate Assembly
  • Michael Portnoy, Chair of the Residential Advisory Board
  • Shahnaz Radjy, Residential Advisor in Hamilton College House
  • Roberta Stack, House Dean of Hamilton College House
  • Cory Thorne, Graduate Associate in Harnwell College House

A separate advisory committee of Hamilton students, faculty, and staff will also be established to advise on matters specific to the House.

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 33, May 7, 2002


May 7, 2002
Volume 48 Number 33

A memorial gathering will be held at noon today, in remembrance of Shannon Shieber who was killed four years ago today.

This year's Perkins Award goes to a long-time member of the GSFA faculty.
The School of Veterinary Medicine awards to seven members of its faculty.
The Penn's Way 2002 campaign raised over $400,000.
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Death of Dr. Frederic Roll, emeritus professor of civil engineering.
Reports from the Senate Committee on the Faculty as well as the Senate Committee on Administration, along with Procedures Regarding Misconduct in Research and Policy for Postdoctoral Fellows.
Two faculty are named to the National Academy of Sciences and one to AAAS.
The expanded PENNCard Policy covers emergency events.
The Three-Year Academic Calendar covers through 2004-2005.