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BEN Buys:
No Procards Allowed in the Penn Marketplace

Use of a Procurement Credit Card (Procard)


No.:            2303                              

Effective:   January 2, 2002   


Revised: January 2, 2002          

Resp. Office:  Acquisition Services

Approval:      Acquisition Services


To establish the policies related to the proper use of a University of Pennsylvania Procurement Credit Card (Procard)


1. School or Center senior financial officer approval is required to receive a University procurement credit card.

2.   All cardholders must attend a formal training session prior to receiving a procurement credit card.

3.   All cardholders must sign and accept the terms and conditions of the University of Pennsylvania Cardholder Agreement prior to receiving a procurement credit card.

4. All procurement credit card transactions must be processed in accordance with the established procedures as communicated in the Acquisition Services Procurement Credit Card Training Program.

5. The maximum procurement credit card transaction limit is $4,999. The standard transaction limit is $1,000. Changes to the standard limit must be approved by the Comptroller. The procurement credit card cannot be used to purchase restricted commodities.

6. A procurement credit card cannot be used for purchases from Penn Marketplace suppliers or from suppliers that have declined to participate in the Penn Marketplace.

7.   All procurement credit card transactions must be made by the individual to whom the card has been issued.

8.  All procurement credit card transactions must be made for the use and benefit of the University. Personal purchases are not permitted in any circumstances.

9.  As an authorized agent of the University, it is the cardholder's responsibility to ensure proper use of the Universityís sales tax registration number.

10. It is the cardholders or designee's responsibility to maintain adequate documentation of all transactions.

11. Acquisition Services is authorized to review procurement card purchasing activity to ensure compliance with this policy. Acquisition Services is authorized to suspend the procurement credit card privileges of any cardholder who is deemed to be in violation of this policy.

12. Violation of this policy, and/or the duties and responsibilities listed in the Procurement Credit Card Training Program, will result in further action to be taken by the Dean or Director or the School or Center Senior Business Officer in accordance with the University of Pennsylvania Human Resources policies.

13. Fraudulent use of the procurement credit card will result in actions being taken in accordance with the procedures established in the Cardholder Agreement form.

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 17, January 8, 2002


January 8, 2002
Volume 48 Number 17

Dr. Jonathan E. Rhoads, provost emeritus and pioneering professor of surgery, leaves a legacy after a life-long career at Penn. Services will be held on January 12.
Dr. Alvin Rubinstein, professor of political science, died December 18 after teaching here for 44 years.
President Judith Rodin welcomes back the Penn community and encourages participation in the MLK celebrations and community service projects.
Penn and other organizations founded by Benjamin Franklin participate in the fourth annual celebration of his life on January 17.
Dr. Susan Fuhrman will be recommended to the Trustees for reappointment as dean of the Graduate School of Education.
Out with FinMIS and in with BEN Financials as Penn rings in the new year as a successful upgrade to a new, web-based purchasing environment is complete.
Procards no longer permitted for purchases from suppliers who are in the new Penn Marketplace; BEN Buys is the new system for placing orders.
Postdoctoral Stipend levels for FY03 are no longer based on NIH guidelines.
The Sexual Harassment Policy is published OF RECORD to familiarize the University community with the resources available for resolving complaints.
Blood Drives this month target faculty, staff and students.
Doctoral students and postdoc fellows interested in pursuing the academic job market are invited to the sixth annual series beginning January 18.
Corrections to the Faculty/Staff Directory are due January 23 so they can be included in the upcoming addendum.
The Penn's Way campaign announces the winners of the week four and week five raffles. Week six winners and the grand prize winner will be in next week.