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This year marked the 30th anniversary since Almanac became a weekly publication for Penn faculty and staff, having been a monthly for 17 years prior to that. At this juncture, we pause to recall some of the news that has appeared in Almanac during this week of December since those early days in December 1955 when the Faculty Club was "closer to becoming a reality than anyone expected a year ago."

This Week at Penn: Over the Past 45 Years

The Almanac then, . . . Almanac online now

2000 A $25 million endowment from the Annenberg Foundation will be used to establish a new Institute for Adolescent Risk Communication at Penn's Annenberg Public Policy Center (Almanac December 19, 2000).

The executive committee of the University's board of trustees met on Friday, December 8, and authorized the appointment of a special committee of medical faculty and University trustees to consider options for the future of the Health System and to make recommendations to the full board of trustees (Almanac December 19, 2000).

1996 UCBrite, the residential lighting rebate program coordinated through the West Philadelphia Partnership provides reimbursement for the purchase and installation of new energy-efficient exterior lighting on residences (Almanac December 17, 1996).

1991 A Joint Faculty Senate-Administration Committee to Examine Cost Containment Actions shall be established to document administrative cost containment activities within the University (Almanac December 17, 1991).

1986 At Friday's meeting of the Executive Committee of the Trustees, VPUL James Bishop distributed a two-page list of special measures completed or in-progress for the Quad since the Thanksgiving incident there. Among the key measures are: A security consultant will be hired by February 1 to review general and specific issues including the installation of bars on all first-floor student rooms and bathrooms, with one bar per room releasable from inside (Almanac December 16, 1986).

1981 At its December meeting, Council accepted the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on South Africa with its recommended Option C, to "adopt a policy of divestments, or substantial trading interests, in South Africa." The divestment recommendation was one of three options in the report (Almanac December 15, 1981).

A record $92,611 has been given or pledged so far in the University's campus campaign for United Way and the Donor Option agencies (Almanac December 15, 1981).

In observation of Philadelphia's Tercentenary year in 1982, the University of Pennsylvania will conduct a variety of cultural, historical, and recreational events focused on this 300th anniversary (Almanac December 15, 1981).

1976 The Trustees Health Affairs Committee voted 12-0 with one abstention to support the recommendation of the President and Provost on the School of Allied Medical Professions. The recommendation is to pursue "the Jefferson option," which would negotiate to transfer the professional education components of SAMP's programs in physical therapy, occupational therapy and medical technology to Thomas Jefferson University and "seek the establishment of cooperative programs in which students … may receive their general education and basic scientific education at Pennsylvania, and their professional training at Jefferson." (Almanac December 21, 1976).

With a year-end goal of $3 million toward the $5 million faculty-staff portion of the Program for the Eighties, Dr. Charles Price reports $2,288,031 in gifts and pledges to date (Almanac December 21, 1976).

1971 The newly formed Librarians Assembly is made up of 85 professional librarians who meet monthly. It was formed September 22 to contribute to library service through communication and staff participation in library programs and activities of the University community.

The use of computers as a classroom tool in chemical engineering education continues to expand at the University. The Esso Education Foundation has awarded a $40,000 annual grant, to be matched by University funds for computer simulation and design of industrial chemical manufacturing processes (Almanac December 21, 1971).

The University Museum has initiated a Performing Arts Division as a first step in taking the study of cultures out of the galleries, according to Museum Director Froelich Rainey. "We hope that live performers will attract new people to our museum and that we can reach people outside with tours, films and tapes by our performing groups." (Almanac December 21, 1971).

1966 The new School of Social Work building was dedicated; the move from 2401 Pine Street completed (Almanac December 1966).

1966 By a vote of 209 to 131, the University Senate on November 10 established a special faculty Committee on Project Research (Almanac December 1966).

On Friday, December 9, the Glee Club will present its 11th Annual Christmas Concert in Irvine Auditorium. A special feature of the program will be the first performance of a new work by Bruce Montgomery, the Glee Club's director, A Declaration of Peace, which was commissioned by the Glee Club in recognition of the 25th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The words have been taken from three texts by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, then President of the United States (Almanac December 1966).

Dr. Herbert S. Denenberg, associate professor of insurance and editor of The Almanac for the past year, has been granted a part-time leave of absence during the 1966-67 academic year. He has been named associate director of a Wisconsin legislative committee that is revising that state's insurance laws (Almanac December 1966).

1961 Faculty salaries at the University have advanced since 1955 by 40 to 50 percent, President Harnwell stated last week in his annual report. He cited the median salary for full professors in 1960-61 as $12,700 compared with $8,800 for the academic year 1955-56, an increase of 44 percent (Almanac December 1961).

1955 Greetings from the President: With this issue The Almanac completes a full year's cycle under its present name. As a medium of communication for members of the University faculties it has grown steadily in stature and acceptance from the first two issues of last year which appeared under the trial heading of the Newsletter.

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 16, December 18, 2001


December 18, 2001
Volume 48 Number 16

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