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Speaking Out

Yellow Rows of Taxis

Those yellow rows of taxis
Parked at the Quad's front door --
They're blocking all the traffic,

Can't drive Spruce Street any more.

The WaWa traffic's bad enough,

But this I can't endure:

The yellow rows of taxis parked outside
the Quad front door!

--Gene N. Haldeman,
IT Specialist,
Undergraduate Admissions

Updates on 9/11 Activities

As a National Resource Center, the Middle East Center is compiling information that will be useful for our future funding. We would thus like updated, brief reports on the activities of associated faculty, staff, and graduate students at Penn concerning the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the war in Afghanistan, and related events.

Many of you sent in a report on your activities when we first requested one in late September. Please report ( any events/activities that you have engaged in since then, and use the following categories:

  1. media appearances (radio, television)
  2. public lectures or speaking events
  3. government/private advising or consulting
  4. newspaper and magazine articles/ interviews
  5. teaching/campus activities

--Joe Glicksberg,
Research Assistant,
Middle East Center

Saluting Another Penn Woman

I'm retired from Penn, and enjoy receiving copies of Almanac. I read with interest the articles on "125 Years of Women at Penn." While it may have been mentioned in the book Franklin's Daughters, which I have not seen, I felt strongly that it should be mentioned somewhere that Lillian G. Burns was elected by the Trustees as Associate Secretary of the Corporation in the late 1950s, possibly 1956 or 57 [Ed. Note, 1960]. This was quite an achievement for a woman at that time. I believe this title is considered a statutory officer of the Corporation.

She was extremely active in the University's efforts to obtain adjacent land for the University of Pennsylvania through the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority; active in the Quadrapartite Commission which was an early effort in community relations on behalf of the University of Pennsylvania; and was very involved in the West Philadelphia Corporation which I believe still exists under a new corporate name.

In addition, she was a great lady, and a great representative of the University.

I just felt this should be noted somewhere. Thank you for keeping me informed about Penn's activities.

--Virginia J. Scherfel,
formerly Executive Assistant to
Vice President for Facilities Management

Ed Note:

Please see the University Archives web site under the year 1960 where there is now an entry for Ms. Lillian G. Burns.

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Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 16, December 18, 2001


December 18, 2001
Volume 48 Number 16

Philadelphia Police/FBI Investigation of Terrorism includes interviews of some students; Penn offers resources to students who want them.
A look back at this week in Penn's history, a stroll through Almanac's of the past.
Penn's Way Campaign is at the mid-point with more weekly prizes as well as the grand prize to be drawn.
Winter Break Safety: special safety checks are available from December22 through January 6.
The founding curator of the Burrison Art Gallery which bears his name, dies at the age of 92.
Another Penn Woman who made her mark some 40 years ago is remembered.
Some Penn researchers' findings could yield embryonic stem cells while others analyze predictors of future arthritis in dogs.

January AT PENN brings the celebration of Chinese New Year and many MLK events throughout the month.