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Light South of Baltimore

I'm thrilled about the lighting and associated initiatives, but I wonder why the south-of-Baltimore part of University City was left out. My guess is that no one thought to include it, not that it's well lit already or so vast that the expense of subsidy would be prohibitive.

I'm concerned about two aspects of the neglect: (a) it's a good place for students and faculty to live, but second-rate lighting is a drawback; (b) the appearence of neglect is unhelpful to property values.

Could someone explain? Thanks.

-- David Williams, Professor of Psychology and South-of-Baltimore Resident

Response to Dr. Williams

My apologies to members of the University and community about any miscommunication regarding the boundaries for the residential lighting rebate program coordinated through the West Philadelphia Partnership.

The area south of Baltimore Avenue to the southern borders of the Cedar Park and Spruce Hill neighborhoods is indeed included in the University City Lighting Initiative.

For more information, please call the West Philadelphia Partnership, 38-BRITE (382-7483).

-- Carol R. Scheman, Vice President for Government, Community & Public Affairs

Ed. Note: Almanac was among those who published information given in a speech that turned out not to have been accurate; we also apologize for the misinformation. Since the ceremony that launched the lighting program, the West Philadelphia Partnership has issued the map below, showing the targeted area for the program.


Volume 43 Number 16
December 17, 1996

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