Faculty Senate Committees, 1998-99


Committees Elected by the Senate

Senate Executive Committee


Peter Conn, English, Chair-elect
John C. Keene, city & reg plng, Chair
Jack Nagel, political science, Past Secretary
Martin Pring, physiology/medicine, Secretary
Rosane Rocher, S. Asia Regional Studies, Secretary-elect
Vivian C. Seltzer, social work, Past Chair

 At-large Members

Barry Cooperman, chemistry
Larry D. Gladney, physics
Phoebe S. Leboy, biochemistry/dental
Robin L. Leidner, sociology
Howard Lesnick, law
Ann O'Sullivan, nursing
Daniel D. Perlmutter, chemical engr
Holly Pittman, history of art
Pedro Ponte-Castañeda, mechanical engr
Harvey Rubin, medicine
Jorge Santiago-Aviles, electrical engr
Kenneth I. Wolpin, economics

Members Elected by a Constituency

 1. Annenberg School: Joseph Turow

2. Arts & Sciences (history): Frederick Dickinson

3. Arts & Sciences (anthropology, history of art, music): Gregory L. Possehl, anthropology

4. Arts & Sciences (mathematics): Peter J. Freyd

5. Arts & Sciences (biology): Larry C. Rome

6. Arts & Sciences (chemistry, geology, history & sociology of science): Donald D. Fitts, chemistry

7. Arts & Sciences (classical studies, German, Romance languages, Slavic languages): Ralph Rosen, classical studies

8. Arts & Sciences (economics): to be named

9. Arts & Sciences (English, general honors): Christopher Looby, English

10. Arts & Sciences (folklore & folklife, linguistics, philosophy): George Cardona, linguistics

11. Arts & Sciences (Asian & Middle Eastern, religious, South Asia studies): to be named

12. Arts & Sciences (physics): Gino Segrè

13.Arts & Sciences (political science): Ellen Kennedy

14. Arts & Sciences (psychology ): John P. Sabini

15. Arts & Sciences (sociology ): Herbert L. Smith

16. Dental Medicine: Susan F. Silverton

17. Education: Joan F. Goodman

18. Engineering (bioengineering, chemical engineering, materials science & engineering, mechanical engineering & applied mechanics): Haim Bau, mechanical engineering

19. Engineering (computer & information science, electrical engineering, systems): Sohrab Rabii, electrical engineering

20. Fine Arts (architecture, city & regional planning, fine arts, landscape architecture & regional planning): to be named

21. Law: Frank I. Goodman

 22. Medicine (cell & developmental biology, biochemistry & biophysics, pathology): J. Carl Oberholtzer, pathology laboratory medicine

23. Medicine (anesthesia, obstetrics & gynecology, radiation oncology): Gregory S. Kopf, obstetrics & gynecology

24. Medicine (dermatology, opthalmology, orthopaedic surgery, otorhinolaryngology, psychiatry, molecular & cellular engineering): Laszlo Gyulai, psychiatry

25. Medicine (genetics, microbiology, molecular & genetic engineering, pharmacology, physiology): Howard Goldfine, microbiology

26. Medicine (allergy & immunology, cardiology, diabetes, endocrine, infectious disease, gastroenterology, pulmonary, renal): Michael A. Grippi, pulmonary & critical care

27. Medicine (general medicine, hematology-oncology, hypertension, rheumatology, emergency medicine, neurology, rehabilitation med-icine): DuPont Guerry IV, hematology- oncology

28. Medicine (pediatrics): Bernard S. Kaplan

29. Medicine (radiology, surgery): Judith Aron-chick, radiology

30. Nursing: Susan Gennaro

31. Social Work: Roberta G. Sands

32.Veterinary Medicine (microbiology, pathobi-ology): Peter J. Hand, animal biology

33.Veterinary Medicine (clinical studies-New Bolton Center, Philadelphia): Colin Johnstone, clinical studies, New Bolton Center

34.Wharton (accounting, health care systems, insurance, operations & information management, statistics): to be named

35.Wharton (finance, legal studies, public policy & management): Arnold J. Rosoff, legal studies

36.Wharton (management, marketing, real estate): Marshall Meyer, management

Assistant Professor Members

Julie Fairman, nursing
Wanda Mohr, nursing
Georgette Poindexter, real estate

 Committees Elected by the Senate Executive Committee

Senate Committee on Administration

Eugenie Birch, city & reg plng
Marshall E. Blume, finance
Louis A. Girifalco, materials sci & engr
Abba M. Krieger, statistics
Daniel D. Perlmutter, chemical engr
Henry Teune, political science
Lorraine Tulman, nursing
Ex officio
Senate Chair John C. Keene,
city & reg plng
Senate Chair-elect Peter Conn, English

Senate Committee on the Faculty

Ralph Ginsberg, education
Larry D. Gladney, physics
Sheila H. Murnaghan, classical studies
Yvonne Paterson, microbio/med
Gregory L. Possehl, anthropology
Harvey Rubin, medicine, Chair
Ex officio
Senate Chair John C. Keene,
city & reg plng
Senate Chair-elect Peter Conn, English

Senate Committee on Publication Policy for Almanac

Helen C. Davies, microbiol/med
Peter J. Freyd, mathematics
Phoebe S. Leboy, biochemistry/dental
Martin Pring, physiol/med, Chair
Neville E. Strumpf, nursing
Ex officio
Senate Chair John C. Keene, city & reg plng
Senate Chair-elect Peter Conn, English

Senate Committee on Students and Educational Policy

Stephen N. Dunning, religious studies
Stephen Gale, regional science
Joan Gluch, dental
Holly Pittman, history of art
Jorge Santiago-Aviles, electrical engr
David R. Williams, psychology, Chair
Ex officio
Senate Chair John C. Keene, city & reg plng
Senate Chair-elect Peter Conn, English

Faculty Grievance Commission

Terms expire 6/30/99
Leonard J. Bello, pathobiology/vet, Chair-elect
Yoshitaka Suyama, biology, Chair
Barbara B. Woodhouse, law, Past Chair
[The Faculty Grievance Procedure can be found in Section II.E.12 of the Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators (online at: www.upenn.edu/assoc-
provost/handbook), in Almanac 8/30/88, revised Almanac 5/24/94, or contact the Faculty Senate Office, 898-6943.]

 Senate Committee on Academic Freedom & Responsibility

Terms Expire April 1999
Rubin C. Gur, psychiatry
Susan Sturm, law
Susan Watkins, sociology, Chair
Terms Expire April 2000
Jere R. Behrman, economics
Oscar Gandy, communication
Edward N. Pugh, psychology
Terms Expire April 2001
David B. Brownlee, history of art
Howard Lesnick, law
Daniel D. Perlmutter, chemical engr
Ex officio
Senate Chair-elect Peter Conn, English

  Senate Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty

Terms Expire April 1999
Joseph Gyourko, real estate
Bruce J. Shenker, pathology/dental
Terms Expire April 2000
Jane Barnsteiner, nursing
Rebecca Maynard, education
Terms Expire April 2001
Erling E. Boe, education, Chair
Richard E. Kihlstrom, finance
Ex officio
Senate Chair John C. Keene, city & reg plng
Past Senate Chair Vivian Seltzer, social work
Senate Chair-elect Peter Conn, English

Senate Committee on Conduct
Terms Expire April 1999
Joan F. Goodman, education
M. Susan Lindee, history & sociol sci
Edward R. Thornton, chemistry
 Terms Expire April 2000
Jane B. Alavi, medicine
Lee V. Cassanelli, history
Vivian L. Gadsden, education


Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 22, February 23, 1999