University Council and Faculty Senate Committees, 1998-99

Below is the 1998-99 membership of the University Council, the University-wide governance organization that meets monthly to deliberate on campus issues and share information on University projects and progress. Council is advisory to the President, and includes representatives of the Faculty Senate, two student assemblies and three staff assemblies.

Council's agenda and formal reports, and some of its debate, appear in Almanac. Meetings are open to observers who register their interest in advance with the Office of the Secretary (898-7005).

Much of the work of Council is done by its committees, listed on parts II and III of this four-part insert. They, and a set of Independent Committees listed here are selected by the Steering Committee on recommendation of the Committee on Committees. Any member of the University may be asked to serve on such a committee, and only members of the University are eligible to do so. The Committee on Committees will shortly publish its annual call for nominations to these bodies. Their charges, and many of their past reports, can be accessed through Almanac's web site,

The fourth part of this pullout section lists the Faculty Senate's committees for 1998-99. The work of the Senate Executive Committees and other Senate committees is reported periodically in Almanac and can be accessed through the same website,


I. Membership of the University Council (below)
II. Council Committees on
Admissions & Financial Aid
Community Relations
International Programs
Personnel Benefits
III. Council Committees on
Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics
Safety and Security
Student Affairs
Independent Committees on
Disability Board
Honorary Degrees
Open Expression
IV. Faculty Senate Committees:
Committees Elected by the Senate
Senate Executive Committee
Senate Committee on Academic Freedom & Responsibility
Senate Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty
Senate Commitee on Conduct
Committees Elected by the Senate Executive Committee
Senate Committee on Administration
Senate Committee on the Faculty
Senate Committee on Publication Policy for Almanac
Senate Committee on Students and Educational Policy
Faculty Grievance Commission


Membership of the University Council

Steering Committee
Donna Arthur   Phoebe S. Leboy
 Robert Barchi  Ann O'Sullivan
 Bill Conway  Daniel Perlmutter
 Peter Conn, Chair-Elect  Judith Rodin
 Doug Hagan  Harvey Rubin
 Deborah James  Vivian Seltzer, Past Chair
 John C. Keene, Chair  Terri White
 David King  

Elected by the Faculty at Large
(Faculty Senate officers are indicated)
Peter Conn, Chair-Elect Daniel D. Perlmutter
Barry Cooperman Holly Pittman
Larry Gladney Pedro Ponte-Castaneda
John C. Keene, Chair Martin Pring, Secretary*
Phoebe S. Leboy Rosane Rocher, Secy-Elect*
Robin L. Leidner Harvey Rubin
Howard Lesnick* Jorge Santiago-Aviles
Jack Nagel, Past Secy Vivian Seltzer, Past Chair
Ann O'Sullivan Kenneth I. Wolpin

Elected by Faculty Constituency
Term Expires May 1999 Term Expires May 2000
1 Joseph Turow 2 Frederick Dickinson
3 Gregory Possehl 4 Peter J. Freyd
5 Larry C. Rome 6 Donald D. Fitts*
7 Ralph Rosen 8 to be named
9 Christopher Looby 10 George Cardona
11 to be named 12 Gino Segre
13 Ellen Kennedy 14 John P. Sabini*
15 Herbert L. Smith 16 Susan F. Silverton*
17 Joan F. Goodman* 18 Haim Bau
19 Sohrab Rabii 20 to be named
21 Frank I. Goodman* 22 J. Carl Oberholtzer*
23 Gregory S. Kopf 24 Laszlo Gyulai
25 Howard Goldfine* 26 Michael A. Grippi
27 DuPont Guerry* 28 Bernard S. Kaplan*
29 Judith Aronchick 30 Susan Gennaro
31 Roberta G. Sands 32 Peter J. Hand
33 Colin Johnstone 34 to be named
35 Arnold J. Rosoff 36 Marshall Meyer
Assistant Professors
Term Expires May 1999 Term Expires May 2000
Julie Fairman Kathleen Hall
Georgette Poindexter
Junior and Research Faculty Members
Term Expires May 1999 Term Expires May 2000
Sabah Ghandour Jaclyn Biegel

Undergraduate Students
Samara Barend Aaron Karo
Michael Bassik Jeremy Katz
John Buchanan David King
David Burd Theo LeCompte
Bill Conway Melanie Liebner
Jonathan Glick Andrew Mandelbaum
Allison Hersh Malhar Saraiya
Keri Hyde
United Minorities Council Charles Howard
Graduate/Professional Students
Donya Bean Alysa Kurganska
Donna Gau Karen O'Malley
Anuj Gupta Roger Quon
Doug Hagan Kahled Tarabieh
Deborah James Kent Reichert
Tiffany Keebaugh Sanjay Udani
Angelos Keromytis Ina Warner
Kenneth Kolaczyk

Members of the Administration
Robert Barchi Norma Lang
Susan Fuhrman Annie McKee
William Gipson Judith Rodin
Gary Hack Ira Schwartz
Alan Kelly Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum
Tom King

Librarians Assembly to be named

Penn Professional Staff Assembly Terri White

A-3 Assembly Donna Arthur

ROTC Representative Col. Paul F. Pugh*

Parliamentarian Mark Frazier Lloyd*

Moderator William Harris*

Secretary Rose McManus*

Faculty Senate offices are italicized. Asterisk [*] indicates observer status.


Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 22, February 23, 1999