September 9, 1997
Volume 44 Number 3

Photo by Candace diCarlo

In this issue

News in Brief: Bittenbinder's Back;
Visions of Independent Africa

Nursing: Associate Dean Salmon
VPUL Office: Dr. King
SENATE: SEC Actions 9/3/97
VHUP Incident; Research Changes
Deaths: Dr. Hobstetter, Dr. Reece,Trustee John Ware

Speaking Out:
-- Faculty Salaries
-- Museum Revisited
-- UC Brite Update
-- Knit@pobox

Research Foundation Awards
OF RECORD: Misconduct in Research (with Addenda for U.S.P.H.S. Projects)
Revised Guidelines for Research Foundation Applications

COMPASS Features
Kim Scheppele and the Hungarian Constitution in the Making
Victor Mair's Discoveries about the Chinese Mummies
Mud, Sweat and Gear
A Special District Cleans Up

Keeping Up with Construction

Once it was customary for construction sites to be surrounded with plywood walls, some punctuated with peepholes waggishly designated for "key-holers." But Sansom Common is being built out in the open, with only a chain-link fence surrounding the site at 36th and Walnut. The work still goes on the hard way (see the Compass Feature "Mud, Sweat and Gear"on page 13), but people can now keep track of this and other construction projects without leaving their desks. Facilities Management posts drawings and photographs at By clicking on a map, browsers can see floor plans of the coming Inn at Penn, for example, and follow the progress of BRB II, the Perelman Quad, and the Roy and Diana Vagelos Laboratories for Advanced Science and Technology. The site also records the fire that tragically suspended work on the Charles Addams House.

OF RECORD: Guidelines on Cooperative Exchanges of Certain University Information
Final Judgement of U.S. District Court for Eastern District of PA
403b Investment Update
Bulletins, Classified
Update, CrimeStats
Benchmarks: Let's Get the Word Out About Why Science Matters (Neal Lane, Director of NSF)
Almanac General Information

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