Speaking Out: Update on UC Brite

The map above shows UC Brite installations completed and in progress by the end of August.

Thank you for the lead article on the work of UC Brite in lighting up the neighborhood streets of University City. We are pleased and proud of the progress made through this cooperative effort with the community.

There is an important clarification to note in last week's article. At the end of August, lighting projects have been completed or are in progress for virtually all blocks between 40th to 42nd Streets and from Chestnut Street to Baltimore Avenue. For the last two months, the UC Brite staff has engaged in an extraordinary effort to light these core areas. The landlords are responding to our initiative and several blocks have been lighted at no expense to the University.

Two new maps provide a clarification of the current status: one shows the results of UC Brite efforts. The other reflects the actual lighting conditions of the area from 40th to 45th Streets and Chestnut Street to Baltimore Avenue where many students reside.

Carol Scheman, Vice President for Government, Community and Public Affairs

At right is a detail of the outlined area where students are concentrated, showing actual lighting conditions that have resulted from joint efforts of area landlords and UC Brite. -- Maps by Roy David, UC Brite

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