The University's Internally-funded Research Foundation makes awards twice each year, reviewing proposals from faculty under the guidelines presented by the Vice Provost for Research in this issue. These guidelines are also available in each Dean's office. Below are the researchers whose work was chosen for funding in the Spring Cycle 1997.

Research Foundation Awards Spring Cycle 1997

Jeanine Alesch, Romance Languages, SAS; Maternal Sources of Authority: The Influence of Jeanne de Vietinghoff on the Works of Marguerite Yourcenar.

Elizabeth Alpern, Pediatrics, Medicine;Prevalence and Outcome of Occult acteremia in an Urban Pediatric Emergency Department: A Four Year Experience.

Stephen Baylor, Physiology, Medicine; Matching Funds for a Confocal Microscope Attachment to Study Calcium Sparks in Skeletal Muscle.
Regina Bendix, Folklore and Folklife, SAS; Visions of Empire, Images for Consumption: (Multi-) Cultural Representation in Austria from One Fin-De-Siecle to the Next.

Julie Blendy, Pharmacology, Medicine; Establishment of C57B1/6 Embryonic Stem Cells and a Non-Injection Method for the Production of Knock-Out Mice.

William Braham, Architecture, GSFA; Colors of Architecture: Twentieth-Century Material Palettes.

Warren Breckman History, SAS; Foundations and Justice: French Political Thought Since World War Two.

Charles Bridges, Surgery, Medicine; Mechanisms of Transmyocardial Laser Revascular-ization.

Linda Brown, Nursing; Breastfeeding Services for Low Income Women - Maternal and Infant Incomes.

Elizabeth Capezuti, Nursing; The Effect of Restraint Reduction on Nighttime Siderail Use and Falls/Injuries Among Nursing Home Residents.

Chun-Hsi Chung, Orthodontics, Dental Medicine; Microflora Changes in Supragingival and Subgingival Plaque of Adult, Crowded Anterior Teeth Before and After Orthodontic Treatment.

Bryan Crenshaw, Neuroscience, Medicine; A Genetic Approach to Mammalian Forebrain Development.

Daniel Deudney, Political Science, SAS; The Problem of Place, Space and the Indigenous in the Formation of National, Liberal and Environmental Identity

Peter Dodson, Geology, SAS; Global Warming 55 Million Years Ago: How Was the Vegetation of South America Affected?

Peter Drain, Physiology, Medicine; Molecular Basis of ATP-Dependent Inhibitory Gating in Chimeric K-ATP Channels.

Arthur Dunham, Biology, SAS; Lipid Metabolism in the Lizard Sceloporus Merriami: Validation of Competing Methods.

W.J. Ewens, Biology, SAS; Developing a New Paradigm for Questions in Ecology and Evolution.

Ann Farnsworth-Alvear, History, SAS; The Practice of Community in the Colombian Choco.

Sherman Frankel, Physics, SAS; Research in Physics and Public Policy: Theater Missile Defense; Countermea sures to ABM Systems in Boost Plase, and Endothermic Re-Entry.

Rebecca Freeman, Language Education, Graduate Education; Puerto Ricans at School Ideologies of Language, Literacy and Opportunity.

George Gerton, Center for Research on Reproduction, Medicine; Development of a New Generation Contracep tive Agent.

Joan Gluch-Scranton, Dental Care Systems, Dental Medicine; Dental Students' Learning Style Preferences in Relation to Computer Skill and Usage.

Mauro Guillen, Management, The Wharton School; Ideologies of Foreign Investment: A Comparative Study of Spain, Argentina, and South Korea.

Laszlo Gyulai, Psychiatry, Medicine; Quantitative Analysis of Daily Mood Fluctuations in Bipolar Disorder -Methods to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment.

Jinyong Hahn, Economics, SAS; Optimal Inference with Many Instruments.

Alan Hillman, Medicine, Medicine; How Changes in Government Funding Affect Biomedical Research: An Exploratory Study.

Renata Holod, History of Art, SAS; Archaeological/Ethno-Historical Survey of the Island of Jerba, Tunisia.

Arthur Johnson, Geology, SAS; The Geobiology of 45 Million-Year-Old Fossil Forests from the Canadian High Artic.

Klaus Kaestner, Genetics, Medicine;Control of Mammalian Gastrointestinal Proliferation by Gut Krueppel Like Factor (GKLF).

Malek Kamoun, Pathology & Lab Medicine, Medicine;Identification of a Novel Growth-Regulated Ser/Thr Phosphoprotein Phosphatase in Lymphocytes.

Ellen Kennedy, Political Science, SAS; The Bundesbank: Germany's Central Bank in the International Monetary System (Revised and Expanded Edition).

David Knill, Psychology, SAS; Visual Control of Action.

Eiki Koyama, Anatomy & Histology, Dental Medicine; Sonic Hedgehog and Craniofacial Development and Abnormalities.

Patricia Labosky, Cell & Developmental Biology, Medicine; A Link Between the TGF-Beta Family of Signalling Molecules and the Winged Helix Family of Transcription Factors During Early Mouse Embryogenesis.

Cecilia Lo, Biology, SAS; Computer Imaging Facility.

Laurie Loevner, Radiology, Medicine; Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Detection of Deep and Pre-Epiglottic Space Spread in Patients with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck.

Armando Maggi, Romance Languages, SAS; Renaissance Emblematic Literature and the Image of One's Identity.

Daniel Malamud, Biochemistry Dental Medicine; HIV Inhibitory Factors in Human Saliva.

Roberto Mariano, Economics, SAS; The Impact of Monetary Shocks on Output, Inflation and Exchange Rates: Evidence from South East Asia.

Michael Meister, History of Art, SAS; An Integrated Study of Hindu Shahi Sites in Pakistan.
Catherine Meyers, Medicine, Medicine; Regulation of T Cell-Mediated Events In Autoimmune Glomerulone phritis.

Jeanne Carol Myers, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Medicine; In Vivo and In Vitro Processing of Human Type XV Collagen.

Yiorgos Mylonadis, Management, The Wharton School; Learning to Protect the Natural Environment: A Cross -National Study of the Relationship Between Firms and Communities of Practice.

Rolf Noyer, Linguistics, SAS; Adjacency Conditions on Morphological Merger.

Vicki Petropoulos, Restorative Dentistry, Dental Medicine; Comparative Study of the Load Distribution of Various Attachments on Implant-Retained Overdentures.

Georgette Poindexter, Real Estate, The Wharton School; Light, Air or Manhattanization? Communal Aesthetics in Zoning Central City Real Estate Development.

Jean-Michel Rabate, English, SAS; Turn of the Century: End of Analysis?

Andrew Rappe, Chemistry, SAS; Understanding and Design of Molecule-Surface Interactions from First Principles.

Sylvia Santaballa, Romance Languages, SAS; Representing the Virgin of Guadalupe in Seventeenth-Century Mexico.

James Saunders, Otorhinolaryngology, Medicine; Otoacoustic Emissions Following Exposure to Intense Sound.

Barbara Savage, History, SAS; Broadcasting Freedom: Radio, War, and the Politics of Race, 1938-1948.

Wen Shieh, System, SEAS and Leon Weiss Animal Biology, Veterinary Medicine; An Innovative Treatment Scheme for Closed, Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (Equipment).

W.J. Smith, Biology, SAS; The Neural Basis of Singing Behavior in the Carolina Wren (Thryothorus Ludovicianus).

Larry Sneddon, Chemistry, SAS; The Design of New Inorganic Polymers and Materials: Matching Funds for Inert Atmosphere Equipment.

Paul Sniegowski, Biology, SAS; Molecular Population Genetics of Yeast.

Yanyan Wang, Pharmacology, Medicine; Functional Role of Subtypes of Dopamine D2 Receptor.

Richard Waterman, Statistics, The Wharton School; Models for Under Dispersed Multivariate Categorical Data.

Josef Wegner, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, SAS; Archaeological Excavation and Analysis of Middle Kingdom State-Initiated Institutions at Abydos, Egypt.

Liliane Weissberg, Germanic Language, SAS; The 1940 Harvard Prize Essay Competition: My Life in Germany Before and After January 30, 1933.

Karen Winey, Materials Science, SEAS; Adjustable Flight Path and Precision Sample Holder for Existing X-Ray.

Yan Yuan, Microbiology, Dental Medicine; Optimization of the External Guide Sequence (EGS) Technique.

Jo-fang Zhang, Pharmacology, Medicine; Molecular Mechanisms or the Specificity of Calcium Signaling in Control of Gene Expression Associated with Long-Term Changes in Synaptic Strength

Qing Zhu, Radiology, Medicine; A Novel Coupling of Ultrasound and NIR Imaging Methods.

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