March 11, 1997
Volume 43 No. 25

In this issue

News in Brief:
-- Benefits Update
-- New Policies of Record: English Fluency for Teaching Undergrads, Faculty Maternity Leave, and Extension of Tenure Probation

Fire at Charles Addams Hall
Provost's Conference on Globalization
Steinberg Seminar on Adam Smith
Leaving for Duke: Clint Davidson
PPSA Meeting March 17
Marking the 10th for 'Women of Color'
HONORS for Faculty and Staff; US News Grad Rankings
Deaths of Dr. Karreman, Dr. Kintner, and Mr. King; Memorial for Mr. Csiszar; Trust Fund for Meacham Children
Speaking Out: Personal 'Bests'
A Speaking Out Exchange on Projected Savings via Benefits Redesign
Answering Questions: More on Health Benefits (Lowery & Davidson)
Personnel Benefits Committee's Yes/No Votes on Specific Proposals
Q & A on Benefits at the A-3 Assembly

COMPASS Features
-- Marian Anderson Treasures
-- A Healthy Approach to Africa
-- Joe Klein Talks Politics, Not Ethics
-- Dangerous Information
-- Art, Women and Food Meet at ICA

Nominating A-3s of the Month
Update; Faculty Club Exhibit; Deadlines
Benchmarks: Ira Harkavy on Building and Sustaining Communities

Women of Color....see inside, and the Compass feature

As the nation and world celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Marian Anderson (below, center), Penn reveals a new recording and an unknown song by Sibelius in the collection she gave to the Library (see Compass feature).

Below, at left, the late alumna Sadie Alexander as she appears on the Penn home page (see this issue of Almanac); and below at right, a portrait of Dr. Helen O. Dickens, the professor emerita whose life is celebrated annually at Women of Color ( see this issue of Almanac).

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