Nominations: A-3 Employee of the Month

The A-3 Assembly's Employee Recognition Committee is looking for excellent employees. To nominate an A-3 staff member, please send nominations to Ms. Stephanie Perkins-Lane, chair of the A-3 Assembly's Employee Recognition Committee, at 119 Bennett Hall/6273. Deadline for submissions is March 21, 1997.

Nominee's Name__________________________Nominee's Position___________________

Nominee's Campus Address__________________________________Ext. ______________

Your name________________________________Your Position______________________

Your Campus Address______________________________________Ext. _______________

Do you supervise the nominee? Yes________ No_______

Please provide specific examples for the questions listed below of your nominee's actions, attitudes, and abilities which you feel qualify that person for this award.

1. How has the nominee shown dedication to their position and their office/department?

2. How does the nominee demonstrate teamwork skills?

3. How does the nominee demonstrate a high level of communication skills?

4. How does the nominee demonstrate dedication to personal and/or work-related self-involvement?

5. How does the nominee contribute, outside of work, to helping others outside work?

6. Please write one to two paragraphs stating why you feel this individual should be honored by the A-3 Assembly Employee Recognition Committee.


Volume 43 Number 25
March 11, 1997

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