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Benefits Update: 20 Questions

The latest open examination of the Benefits Advisory Committee's proposed changes in faculty/staff benefits packages came at Council Wednesday, when the Personnel Benefits Committee's chair, Dr. David Hackney, read out his Committee's votes on questions about the February 11 report, or those arising from the process of redesign.

None of the 20 questions drew a unanimous vote, Dr. Hackney pointed out ( see breakdown, in this issue), but several had strong majorities. These endorsed the proposed changes in health insurance and in paid time off. By 88%-12% the the Committee proposed an alternative in life insurance (a flat $50,000 instead of 1 x salary), and by 89%-11% supported a recommendation that "the graduate tuition benefit be retained in its present form for current University employees, as well as for employees who have been recruited to the University and who begin working as of 1/1/98."

Dr. Anthony Tomazanis, Dr. Peter Kuriloff and other members of Council spoke to issues in the report (to be covered next week). After members had spoken, the moderator pro-tem, Dr. Larry Gross, recognized two support staff members attending as observers. Paul Lukasiak of SSW, an administrative assistant, and John Hogan of the Biddle Law Library, who is treasurer AFSCME Local 590, critiqued the proposed package in prepared texts that are also scheduled for publication next week.

Elsewhere in this issue:

Procedures on English Fluency; Faculty Maternity Leave and Extension of Tenure Probation

Provost Stanley Chodorow has issued Provost's Memoranda announcing the adoption of three policies (see titles below), effective immediately. All will be placed on the PennWeb this week, and will be published Of Record in Almanac March 18.


Volume 43 Number 25
March 11, 1997

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