To Light Up the Night . . .
A New Outdoor Lighting Program for University City. On the 4100 block of Pine, a demonstration program has added porchlights and new sidewalk fixtures modeled on Victorian gaslights--and continuing around the house a side passage and driveway are also illuminated. Now the City, PECO and the West Philadelphia Partnership want the same improvement for 63 blocks of University City. Cover photos by Tommy Leonardi.

Under the spotlight at the unveiling of a model block on Pine Street, the West Philadelphia Partnership's Larry Bell (left) said neighborhood leaders and block captains can organize their blocks for better savings in the cooperative program for lighting up the rest of the neighborhood. Mr. Bell is shown here with Penn President Judith Rodin and Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell, who said he hopes the University City project can be replicated in other parts of the City--if donors,leadership and partnership can be replicated, too.
December 10, 1996
Volume 43 Number 15


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Houston Hall Bagels
Lighting Up West Philadelphia, and A December 15 House Tour
Pullout: Report to the NCAA Committee on Athletics Certification: A Self-Study of Athletics at Penn

Lights . . .Cameras . . . Action

In a well-attended press conference alongside Woodland Presbyterian Church at 42nd and Pine Street on December 3, Penn and some partners showed what increased lighting can do for the night visibility of one city blockand then announced that the whole 63-block area of University City (from campus to 49th Street, Market to Baltimore) is in line for the same dramatic improvement. "Street lights is just that: it lights up the streets," said both President Judith Rodin and Mayor Ed Rendell as they underscored the need to make street crime harder to bring off, by illuminating sidewalks, porches, alleyways and cul de sacs as well.

Under the new plan, the West Philadelphia Partnership has developed grants that will give rebates to participating homeowners who install new fixtures at their homes. Estimating per-house costs from $25 to $400 to buy and install lights, President Rodin said "Penn is committed, with our partners, to making this initiative available to every home-owner in University City." Among the grant donors are four of the area's most prominent landlords: Michael Karp's University City Housing; Alan Klein Properties; Steve Herman's University Enterprises; and Alan Horowitz's Campus Apartments.

To launch the program, the north and south sides of the 4100 block of Pine Street were lit up dramatically this month, at no cost to the block's homeowners or the Presbyterian Church on the block. The City trimmed trees and shrubs; City Council's Jannie Blackwell and Jim Kenney joined the Mayor in putting together City and local resources; PECO provided fixtures and coordination; and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers -Local 98 and MJK Electrical Corporation contributed the installation itself. A cheer went up on Pine Street as it all came together for the December 3 unveiling under the glare of still more lights from TV cameras.

A Holiday House Tour: Nine Homes December 15

By tradition, the University City Historical Society doesn't reveal in advance the names of those who will open their homes for the Holiday House Tour in the University City neighborhoods of West Philadelphia. But the chance to see inside the Victorian and post-Victorian architectural showplaces, decked out for the season, always draws a crowd. (And, said one Penn couple whose handsome Victorian is on the tour, many faculty and staff in the area are inviting colleagues and students to come and see first-hand how wrong some out-of-town dailies like The New York Timesnot to mention some hometown presscan be in their descriptions of a historic neighborhood.)

Besides traditional lights and trees, boughs and berries, each of this year's nine houses has something unique to show: a collection of African -American Santas in one, contemporary art in another; sentimental Victorian Christmas heirlooms, a Hanukkah theme--plus, this year's tour dovetails with the annual caroling of The Friends of Clark Park (who will probably cross paths with at least two local church groups caroling the same afternoon).

The tour runs from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday, December 15, with cookies and cheer at the final house starting at 3:30. Tickets are $10 each, available in advance from the UCHS c/o Melani Lamond, 1006 S. 46th St. Space permitting, tickets will also be available on site (call 387-3019 for information on that).

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