The University of Pennsylvania Police Department
Community Crime Report

This summary is prepared by the division of public safety and includes all criminal incidents reported and made known to the University police department between the dates of November 25, 1996 and December 1, 1996. The University police actively patrol from Market street to Baltimore avenue and from the Schuylkill river to 43rd street in conjunction with the Philadelphia police. In this effort to provide you with a thorough and accurate report on public safety concerns, we hope that your increased awareness will lessen the opportunity for crime. For any concerns or suggestions regarding this report, please call the division of public safety at 898-4482.

Crimes Against Persons

34th to 38th/Market to Civic Center: Threats & harassment--2 11/26/96 12:10 PM Nichols house Dispute between students 11/26/96 7:52 PM Brooks dorm Unwanted phone calls received 38th to 41st/Market to Baltimore: Threats & harassment--1 11/25/96 8:44 PM High rise north Unwanted phone calls received 41st to 43rd/Market to Baltimore: Robberies (& attempts)--1 11/25/96 4:17 AM 200 Blk 43rd Complainant robbed point of gun

Crimes Against Property

34th to 38th/Market to Civic Center: Burglaries (& attempts)--1 Total thefts (& attempts)--8 Criminal mischief & vandalism--1 11/25/96 2:07 PM Vance hall Currency taken from unattended backpack 11/25/96 4:51 PM SH/DH Visa/cash taken from wallet 11/26/96 10:59 AM 3440 Market St. Check taken from secured office 11/26/96 12:03 PM 3440 Market St. Briefcase taken from open area 11/26/96 1:20 PM ICA Various tools taken from secured area 11/27/96 9:26 AM Kaplan wing Coat taken from locked area 11/27/96 12:26 PM SH/DH Book bag taken/recovered later intact 11/27/96 4:07 PM NEB Attempt to gain entry/lock tampered with 11/30/96 1:34 PM Intercultural Ctr. Backpack taken 12/01/96 7:04 PM 3600 Blk Walnut Car window broken 38th to 41st/Market to Baltimore: Total thefts (& attempts)--3 Thefts of auto (& attempts)--1 Criminal mischief & vandalism--2 11/26/96 4:49 AM Pi kappa phi Panel of glass to door broken out 11/26/96 6:11 AM 4000 Blk Walnut Unknown attempted to take vehicle/steering column damaged 11/26/96 5:43 PM Lot # 40 Rear window to auto damaged 11/27/96 3:54 PM 3901 Chestnut Cell phone taken 11/30/96 2:17 PM VHUP 3 bags of dog food taken without authorization 41st to 43rd/Market to Baltimore: Total thefts (& attempts)--2 Thefts from autos--1 11/26/96 11:08 AM 42nd & Locust Stereo taken from auto 11/26/96 3:03 PM 4209 Pine St. Jewelry taken from residence 30th to 34th/Market to University: Total thefts (& attempts)--2 Trespassing & loitering--2 11/25/96 3:13 PM Bennett hall Aggressive panhandler issued citation 11/25/96 9:34 PM Rittenhouse lab Knapsack taken while unattended/unsecured 11/27/96 2:05 PM LRSM Walkman taken from unsecured area 12/01/96 9:25 AM Penn tower Unauthorized male/arrest Outside 30th to 43rd/Market to Baltimore: Total thefts (& attempts)--3 Thefts of auto (& attempts)--1 Thefts from autos--1 Criminal mischief & vandalism--1 11/26/96 8:41 AM 3607 Powelton Lot Battery taken from auto 11/26/96 10:10 AM 3100 Blk Walnut Driver side door lock damaged 11/27/96 12:52 AM 400 S. 40 St. Auto taken from highway 11/27/96 12:52 PM Walnut (20th-34th) Wallet taken while complainant on bus


Volume 43 Number 15
December 10, 1996

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