Holiday Shopping:
A Changing Scene for the Penn Community

Almanac's annual shopping tours began in 1972 with 39 lines of type telling the campus what they might find in four (4!) Penn outlets that were handy for last-minute buying ("The Late, Late Shopper," 12/19/72). The following year, as the first oil crisis struck nationwide, almost a page was devoted to saving personal and petroleum-based energy by buying near the workplace ("Shopping Without Wheels," 12/11/73). In more recent years--with steadily less distinction made between purely "Penn" outlets and those that add to campus convenience regardless of ownership--it now takes four pages to highlight what is offered within a lunch-hour radius of College Green. There is more to come, as suggested in campus planners' talk of "needed amenities" in all precincts, and in town/gown discussions about the quality of life on and near the campus. In a modest way the work has begun: This year 40th Street is getting a facelift, and all campus retailers are being given a boost by the Steppin' Out nights with their fanfare and discounts. The annual tour by Almanac's students and staff covers a given kind of shopping at a given time of year, but it is part of the changing inventory of goods and services at hand for those who work and study at Penn. --K.C.G.

The Bookstore and the Computer Connection

For those of you who haven't yet begun to buy your holiday gifts, time's a-wasting! Where can you go to do most of your shopping in one convenient location? The answer is, without a doubt, the Penn Bookstore. For this holiday season, just like the past years, the Bookstore has in stock many wonderful gift ideas that will aid you in your task. The 21st annual Sale-A-Bration begins this Wednesday and continues through Saturday, December 14.

Let's begin our mini-tour of the Bookstore's offerings by highlighting some of the books in stock. For the avid reader, you might want to start with the New York Times Best Sellers. The Bookstore has hardback books at 35% off and paperbacks at 25% off. Possible gifts include: Scott Adams' Dilbert's Top Secret Management Handbook for $10.40, Patti Labelle's Don't Block the Blessings for $16.22, Mary Higgins Clark's Silent Night for $4.49, and Amy Tan's The Hundred Secret Senses for $5.24.

For the most good books your wallet can support, look to the "sale" section. Here, you'll find an assortment of books that will whet anyone's appetite. A few that I found to be particularly interesting are: Military Blunders I & II, by Major Steven Eden ($16.98 each), The Book of American Values and Virtues--a collection of stories, speeches, poems, and other writings by hundreds of famous Americans, edited by Erik Bruin and Robin Getzen ($14.98), and The Ultimate Juggling Kit, by Richard Dingman ($15.98), which includes an 80-page instruction book and three juggling balls.

If someone on your list likes calendars (or is in need of one!) then the dozens and dozens of calendars on hand will suit you well. Prices range from $8.95 for a Philadelphia Scene calendar to $12.00 for any one of their Star Trek calendars. In between these two extremes are calendars of The Grateful Dead, Dilbert, The Sierra Club, railroads, Curious George, and a whole slew of others. Besides the traditional wall calendar, the Bookstore also has lots of desk calendars for you to chose from.

Besides books and calendars, there are also various other gift ideas available. A wide range of Penn paraphernalia from mugs to clothing to umbrellas can be purchased. If you look hard enough (on top of the cap rack) you will find Dr. Seuss caps for sale. The Cat in the Hat, the Grinch, and even the fish from One Fish, Two Fish can be yours for just $18.

For the technologically-geared recipients on your gift list, go visit the Computer Connection. There are many things here which can make the heart of any computer junkie happy. A must for anyone using a mouse would be a mouse pad. The Computer Connection has a variety of them! Styles include the Coca-Cola polar bear, The X-Files, Monopoly, and the Mona Lisa. Most of the mouse pads are priced at $6.95.

The surgeon general has determined that staring at a blank screen all night may be hazardous to your term paper? The Computer Connection comes to the rescue with After Dark, the most popular screen saver in the world. Priced at $35, there are versions compatible with both Windows (3.1 and '95) and Macintosh. You can add variety by purchasing the Simpsons screen saver for the Mac at $35 or the Disney Collection for Windows 3.1 and '95 at $32.

What's the purpose of having a computer unless you're going to enjoy its company? To accomplish this, the computer must have some games to be played. Available titles include SimFarm for Windows ($34.95), Star Trek: The Next Generation "A Final Unity" ($19.95) and the Interactive Tech Manual ($25) both on CD-ROM for the Mac, Star Wars Dark Forces and Rebel Assault II both are on CD-ROM for the Mac and are priced at $39.95 each.

Special Reminder: No purchases at the Computer Connection without a valid PennCard. -- T.L.

The Shops at Penn

At University Cards the Disney movie lovers can find characters from 101 Dalmatians and the Hunchback of Notre Dame (but no Dalai Lama yet). Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck weigh in for the rival Looney Toons, and Luke Skywalker and friends turn up from Stars Wars. These are figurines, at $3 each; for those who prefer their toys stuffed, there are Muppets, Sesame Street and Winnie the Pooh characters ($10 to $42) and a new generation of beanie babies at $6.

The Camera Shop is having a Holiday Sale through December 23. Some of the items on sale include binoculars, camcorders, frames as well as... cameras.

If you are looking for women's and men's shoes, 9 and Co. is having their Semi-Annual Sale, which takes an extra 20% off of already reduced merchandise--so the bottom line is funky shoes starting at about $30.

For those who like fine jewelry, Smile presents a dazzling array of silver jewelry from faraway places like Thailand, India, Mexico, Peru, Chile (plus plenty from the United States), well crafted, with or without stones. The prices range from $8 for small earrings to $30 and up for the more elaborate necklaces and bracelets. Smile also comes to mind if you want to give someone a unique household gift: you can give exquisite boxes and picture frames; choose artful candleholders in wood or glass; or surprise him/her with a playful wooden puppet of a monkey or a cow, at $38.

You can also find at The Shops at Penn a number of stores that save you a trip to the mall: The Gap for clothing, and goods-specific outlets like Software Etc., Eyeglass Encounters, and Foot Locker--the latter having a sale through December 14 with discounts ranging from 10% to 60%. -- S.B.

Down Sansom Street

For those busy shoppers who'd like to try filling the whole holiday gift list at just one location, Sansom Street is the place to visit. The unique shops and cafes on Sansom Street are offering an array of treats this holiday season. This is one of the few places on campus where you will find delightful ideas for almost any age or personality--from the latest tunes to the tastiest edibles--which makes Sansom Street the holiday path to take.

Shopping for a music-lover? Well, Sam Goody, a music shop at the corner of Sansom, carries the latest hits for almost any taste. Not only are the prices reasonable, but the holiday festivities have brought some additional deals along with them. To save on CDs, until January 1 you can pick up a coupon at Sam Goody for $2 off any regularly priced CD. And, if you purchase items of $25 or more, you'll receive a discount on The Spirit of Christmas CD (making the reduced price $6.99 for the pack of three CDs of classics such as Joy to the World, We Wish you a Merry Christmas , and Silent Night. Also available: gift certificates for the very busiest of holiday shoppers or for those who find the selection of tunes too overwhelming to choose from.

Avril 50, brimming with holiday spirit, carries edibles and drinkables including some that you won't find anywhere else on campus. Its assortment of chocolates is mouth-watering--Swiss, Dutch, and German chocolates; scrumptious Lindt, honey almond Toblerone; and the semisweet chocolate Sarotti with a coat of luscious creme. Avril's multitude of tea leaves are priced at a low $12/lb or less. You can choose from an array that includes the China Ti-Kwan-Yin Oolong, a wonderfully smooth tasting all-purpose tea, or the Japan Encha, a classic Japanese tea with a very rich aroma. It also carries several different flavors of Celestial Seasonings tea leaves ($3.19-$4.59)--including aromatic apricot ginger, delicious black tea, tasty vanilla maple, delectable cinnamon apple, as well as other equally appetizing and interesting blends.

Avril also has wonderful calendars of various sizes (between $6.99-20): wildflowers, angels, cats, Monet paintings, and so on. And there are plenty of cards, wonderfully boxed, in a reasonable price range ($10-15.95).

The Black Cat is one of the handful of campus shops so varied and different that people come here just to shop in its luxuriously overflowing maze of rooms and passages. (The University Museum, Smile and International House have the same drawing power.) Cat is as joyful, and as serious, as the season, carrying many items that come from charities and homeless shelters (many from within the Philadelphia area itself), in order to encourage gifts that benefit the local community. They stock colorful ties from Save the Children Federation, Inc., of which 5% of the manufacturer's price is donated to the program. Exotic tropical rainforest sauces ($3.50) are simply the tastiest gifts of the season, made of savory spices and luscious fruits and nuts. A percentage of sales goes to the preservation of the rainforest and its native people. Items such as fruit spreads, handmade notebooks of varied colors and designs, and fragrant cinnamon bark boxes from Vietnam, are among many other goods from The Black Cat, whose sales are used for a good cause.

Bucks is one of the famous Sansom Street coffee shops that has special offers and delectable treats for the holidays. For coffee lovers, there's a $10 certificate that entitles the bearer to a dozen cups--so of course its name is 12 Cups of Christmas. Other tasty options include hot apple cider ($1.25, $1.50), spicy eggnog latte ($2.10, $2.65, $2.95), and packets of the deliciously seasonal mistletoe blend ($9.50/lb). Gift certificates are also available at Bucks.

The other popular coffee shop on Sansom is Le Bus. Here are aromatic and delectable desserts: lemon bundt, chocolate, chocolate glazed with white drizzle (small, $5.50; full, $17.50), and pumpkin cheesecake (small, $17.50; full, $26). In a hearty assortment of fresh pies are delicious apple, cherry, and an unexpected peanut butter pie. Other treats include cinnamon buns ($1.63 each), brownies ($1.40), cookies ($.75), muffins ($1.40), scones ($1.40), plain croissants ($1.40), as well as deliciously filled croissants ($1.63).

So this holiday season, take a stroll down Sansom Street. There's no charge for one of the things that makes it feel most like yuletide in the city: the architecture.--R.C.

Houston Hall

Houston Hall is one of the most welcoming buildings on campus, and on atrociously wet or frigid December days, its enclosed shopping complex is paradise indeed.

Not to mention great buys and superb selections under one roof.

CDs to Go is offering special deals this holiday season. If you buy a used CD, you can purchase a new CD at $9.99. If you buy one CD from their $9.99 selection, you can get the second one free. New releases are going at a low price of just $12.99. Along with their normal selection of top titles, they are also carrying Christmas CDs during the holiday season, with choices like Christmas Interpretations by Boyz II Men and the Billboard Rock N Roll Christmas.

Somewhere between the donuts and the pizza, Campus-T-Shirts is sure to catch your eye. It has Penn tees, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and jackets at reasonable prices, plus Penn bags of varied sizes (ranging from $11.95 to $24.95) as well as Penn caps ($12.95). For those awaiting the holiday discounts, mark your calendars-- Wednesday, December 11 and 18, areSteppin' Out Days, when the DP will print coupons for 10% off on all items in the shop.

Looking for those perfect stocking stuffers? Jackie's Campus Connection carries fashion jewelry including sterling silver rings, earrings, necklaces, brooches, necklaces, and bracelets. It also has small-sized perfumes, gorgeous scarves of varied designs and shades, attractive shoulder bags, wallets, and a variety of hair accessories. The most unusual items, though, are their handmade puzzle maps of the U.S. and alphabet puzzles--ideal for any child interested in fun and learning (small size puzzle: $30; large size: $40).

For those not yet swept into the festive holiday mood, Hallmark Card Shop will simply sweep you off your feet! Their Christmas selection is fantastic. Boxes of chocolates and candies are foolproof solutions for the rushed shopper, and there's plenty to choose from including all the well-known fruit /nut/cream assortments, butternut toffee ($3.95), cherry cordials ($6.95), and other scrumptious possibilities. Many come already gift-wrapped in lively colors.

Shopping for a cookie lover? Hallmark carries handsome tins of delicious double chocolate chip cookies individually wrapped--a gift that can that can keep on giving, or at least until the cookies are all devoured.

Other holiday items include puzzles, stationery, pins, mugs, stockings, stickers, and handcrafted keepsake ornaments, all of which have a Christmas motif.

Boxed Christmas cards are now 20% off. With the purchase of any three Hallmark cards, you can also receive the wonderful free gift wrap kit that includes a sheet of gift wrap, a bow, and a guide to wrapping.

But now for the biggest and greatest deal: in January, Hallmark plans to remodel their store. To clear away merchandise in a hurry, everything in the entire store will be 25% off during the last week of finals!

But there's one more shop that specializes in a special kind of holiday gift--a gift whose fragrance, beauty, and encompassing sentiment, touches hearts and moves souls. Roses carries flowers, and growing plants that do just that--with daily delivery available within the University community. Worldwide delivery is also available. They carry gorgeous poinsettias ($3.99-$25), Christmas trees ($6.99-$35), wreaths ($12.99 and up), as well as holiday baskets with fruits or flowers ($25 and up). Prices vary depending upon the size. Crystal makes the holiday sparkle. The stunning holiday crystal bowl centerpiece with your choice of fresh flowers is an exquisite keepsake designed with a well crafted Christmas motif. --R.C.

38th & Walnut

Shopping on campus almost always involves making a stop or two at the Bookstore. But did you ever have the urge to go beyond that mega-plex of food, books and gifts, and visit some of the many establishments that are on the same block? Well, if you answered in the negative, perhaps this is a good time to go exploring.

Your first stop could be The Flower Emporium where they carry more than plants and flowers. Try the "junk baskets" which can be filled with your choice of candy or snacks for $25 and up. Or the homemade chocolate covered pretzels: They are dipped in white, dark or milk chocolate and can be covered with nuts, sprinkles or coconut. These delicious goodies sell individually at 60¢ plain or 70¢ fancy. There's also a wide assortment of plush animals ranging from a $6 Baby Bear to the $135 Papa Bear.

If music is what you need, then Vibes is the place to go. With their wide stock of jazz, blues, reggae, classical, new age, rock and pop, rap and dance tunes, a Vibes gift certificate could solve all kinds of gift dilemmas. In addition to cassette tapes and compact disks ($6.99 to $17.99) Vibes also carries vinyl LPs ranging from $8.99 to $14.99. Does that special someone need a place to store their music? Then how about a CD tower that holds 120 CDs for $12.99? Or, for the person on the go, CD and tapes cases that hold 15-60 CDs ($9.99 to $24.99) or 15 tapes ($6.99).

University Jewelers is one of the oldest and most essential shops at Penn, where the major gift can be found without breaking the bank: rings, necklaces, bracelets and watches, all at a substantial discount but all with guarantees. Does a watch that doesn't need winding or batteries sound like a good idea? At 25% off regular price, you can indulge in the Seiko kinetic quartz watches with prices starting from $285. How about a clock? University Jewelers has several types and sizes starting at $30. Each is quartz and can be personalized.

If comic books are on your shopping list, then Out of Time Comics is the place to stop. Carrying comics ranging from Batman to Spawn to X-Files, they have current issues and recent back issues for sale all at their cover prices. Is someone into trading cards? Out of Time Comics also caries a variety of comic-based trading cards starting at around two dollars a pack.

Other stores in the retail wraparound include The Seed, where coffeebeans are in bins and gummy bears in jars as natured intended; Classical Choice, with a tremendous stock of new and used classical and jazz music; and, across Walnut, a handy Thrift Drug for toiletries and wraps, stocking stuffers and the like.

But the Bookstore was my point of departure, so I'll end this expedition with not one but two such places to browse. The Pennsylvania Book Center--a haven for bibliophiles and those they love to give books to--delights with the quality of selections and the knowledgeability of its staff. And the relatively new kid on the block, is a discount book center run by--the Penn Bookstore. (Yes, that Bookstore). It's called BP Books on the awning (for Bill Petrick, the veteran staffer who manges it?). There, every book is 50% off its cover price--except when the discount goes up to 75% on Steppin' Out Nites from 5-8 p.m. every Wednesday evening until December 18. --T.L.

The University Museum

The place to go for gifts that are unique and have an international flair is the University Museum where there are two shops brimming with possibilities. For a potentially big discount, bring your green Surprise Coupon to the Museum Shop, along with your PENNcard, and save from 10-100% when you scratch off the silver disc at the time of purchase. This offer is valid from December 14-22 for Penn faculty, staff and students.

The Museum Shop, featured in Philadelphia Magazine's 1995 Ultimate Guide to the Best of Philly, offers world-wide selection of jewelry, ties, scarves, crafts, books, CDs and calendars. A selection of hand-made items from many countries range from the unusual ornaments ($6-$22) from Indonesia, Peru, China and Russia to knit sweaters from Nepal ($150-$200). There are also games for the fun-loving people on your list. An assortment of new and traditional board games from many cultures include Wadjet, an archaeological adventure game ($60) which recreates an archaeological expedition expedition to ancient Egyptian tombs.

Known for their exquisite selection of jewelry, the Museum Shop has an almost enitrely new selection including pieces from Nepal, Egypt, Israel, China, and the Americas. The Shop also features its own Museum reproduction jewelry in gold-plate, silver and pewter designs ($14.95-$45.)

Want something different for a beer-lover with a sense of history? The Shop has a newly created Beer Tablet Paperweight ($49). What about something for a doctor or pharmacist? The reproduction tablet of the Sumerian medical tablet, circa 2100 B.C.E. is inscribed with the earliest known medical prescriptions ($48).The mystery buff on your list would probably appreciate the Murder at the Museum t-shirts.

Cookbooks which feature international cuisine (starting at $9.95) are filled with recipes from around the world. In addition to books about archaeology and anthropology, there is a selection of world music on cassette tapes ($10.95) and CDs ($16.50) and National Geographic videos ($20).

Want something so new it's actually extremely old? They have sets of four coasters, from 75 million year-old natural sandstone, made in the U.S. ($23). If you know a child who wants a cuddly pet, check out the Penguin pals backpack ($28).

The Pyramid Shop, located near the Kress Gallery entrance, can put an end to holiday worries with a Guatemalan worry doll ($1.40), spruce up a tree with ornaments from many countries as well as those created by Native American artisans ($3-20). and help Santa fill plenty of stockings with stuff from every corner of the globe. Actually, there is even a Museum marble which looks like a globe, pinpointing where in the world the Museum is located ($3). In conjunction with the new exhibit of Toys from Around the World, the Pyramid Shop features many such examples. There's the African stone game, Mancala ($15.95), origami kits ($3.50) and String Games from Around the World, a Klutz book ($12.95) are but a few of the many. Echoing the theme of the recent World Culture Day, Peace Around the World, are the doves made by Potters for Peace, a Nicaraguan group whose goal is to enhance village economies through native artistry. The highly polished miniature doves are fashioned from local black clay ($5.95) as are the larger doves sold in pairs ($25.95).--M.M.

International House and Walnut Street

Holiday bargains abound at International House's Bazaar Shop. Things to wear: floral, embroidered Guatemalan velvet vests ($50); Ecuadorean

berets knit of cozy wool ($10); silk scarves with colorful designs from India and Turkey ($10-35); jewelry from all over the world made of beads of every kind, silver, brass, pearls, laquer-ware and jade (assorted prices, with many earrings under $15); woven Guatemalan accessories (scrunchie, $5; coin purse, $1.75; eyeglass case, $6.95).

Things for the home: Dutch Delftware (salt and pepper shakers, $12.50), small boxes ($7), house boxes ($20-25); Japanese black ceramic teapot ($30) and tray ($18); Canadian glass bud vases with bead trim ($25); Mexican silver candlestick ($20), tray ($15), tub- and shell-shaped soap dishes ($12.50); floral-painted, paper mâché picture frames from Kashmir ($8 and up); Moroccan pottery pitcher ($45) and large blue vase ($50) and stained -glass votive candle holder ($20); blue and green Egyptian glass vases ($20-25); Polish wooden boxes with inlay work ($5-20); Kenyan carved-wood, giraffe-handle salad servers ($12.50) and carved soapstone (Kisiistone) statue ($25); nesting dolls from Belarus tell the story of Cinderella ($30) or the Russian fairy tale The Princess Frog ($35).

Things for the tree: angel ornaments of folded fabric from Poland ($5); set of three Indian paper mâché ornaments in a matching box ($32); Brazilian white doves ($7.50); Laosong courtship baubles ($3.50).

After all those gifts, there'll still be money left for lunch at International House's new restaurant, Sunset Grille. On the menu: feta-stuffed eggplant rolls, antipasti, soups and salads, Jamaican jerk chicken, apple-smoked salmon steak, mussels and linguini, burgers, fajitas, desserts, and a full bar featuring wines by the glass and microbrews.

In a hurry? Stop by CVS or Thrift Drug and pick up a gift, wrapping paper or holiday decorations for the office or dorm room: Baskets of floral -scented bath gels and lotions, or a Mr. Potato Head Massager ($9.99). Cologne spray samplers ($2.50), Bonnie Bell Lipsmacker sets ($2.99) or Old Spice Cologne ($4.59) and a patchwork stocking to stuff them in ($6.99). Trim the tree with foil or bead garlands, Looney Toons, Garfield and Peanuts ornaments, glass and satin ball ornaments, tree toppers, and lights and an extension cord ($1.50 and up). Guarantee yourself or a friend a trip to the dentist, with candy canes, Life Saver Sweet Storybooks, assorted chocolates and cookies, and new candy-cane Tootsie Pops--or not, with every brand and type of toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss imaginable.

Getting and giving gifts: Mail Boxes, Etc. can ship and receive packages (by UPS, Federal Express or most any other carrier) to and from most anywhere. If you don't have the carton or envelope, they've got that and they'll even do professional packing. Other services and products available: mailbox rentals, faxing, voicemail and copier service, money transfers, notary service, printing, passport photographs, and stationery and office supplies.--M.S.

HUP, CHOP and Penn Tower

Although HUP is undergoing a major facelift and has moved its gift shop from the Silverstein pavilion entrance to the Ravdin entrance, it is worth looking for if you know a young would-be doctor. They have kids'-sized MD scrubs ($18.99 a pair). They also have some cute sets of adult- sized nightshirts featuring a cow, dog, or cat, along with slipper socks which appear to be the animal's legs ($22.99). Hand-painted pewter and Austrian crystal sun catchers come in a variety of motifs ($12.99).

At CHOP, the elegant Daisy Shop near the entry has been supplanted with a simpler Gift Shop, located farther back near the glass elevator. It features some of the same items as the HUP Gift Shop like the small scrubs. It has a wider selection on stuffed animals.

The Penn Tower Hotel's Flower Emporium and Gifts extends its flower theme with some colorful, floral-print nightshirts with bath puff ($20). --M.M.

The 40th Street Complex

For residents on the west end of campus, or just those passing through, retailers in the vicinity of 40th & Locust offer a wide variety of, well, stuff. Does that someone special keep talking about a new bike or even a leopard-spotted bean bag? Maybe they need a short wave radio, a camera, or just a new pair of shoes?

The Bike Line offers everything that a biker could ever want, including shorts, parts, accessories, helmets, and more. Monthly features include special deals on the "Helmet of the Month" and "Gloves of the Month." (December's helmet is the Bell Oasis Pro, The Bike Line's best seller.)

Did anyone say camoflouge clothing? Urban Outfitters, located a little further down Locust, has a cool selection of fashions for the more progressive prospective purchaser. Not only that, they have candles, cards, wall fixtures, some novelty books, and--Yes!--leopard spotted pillows and bean bags. Urban Outfitters adjoins Video Library and Boccie's, so you can buy some rad clothes, rent a Keanu Reeves movie, and eat a lamb and yogurt pizza without even leaving the building.

The Camera Shop sells--not surprisingly--cameras. Right now, the second set of prints is free on Wednesday night, in conjunction with Steppin' Out Nights. But that's not all! It wouldn't be a bad idea to stop by the Camera Shop if you are looking for the latest video recorders, binoculars, frames, calendars, or even cellular phones; but...

...for any other electronic needs, Radio Shack is right there, as well. From short wave radios to telephones, from computers to calculators, you can find your electronic needs here for a reasonable price. For example, remote-controlled cars range in price from the Wild Boss II RC Racer, at $17.99, to the Wind Streaker RC Racer, at $59.99. Not to mention an Optimus 100-watt rack system--this baby sells for $799.99 (discounted from $999.99)!

For any of your pediform needs, The Natural Shoe Store has all kinds of shoes, from boots to dress shoes to sneakers. Right now, they're having a blowout sale on much of their merchandise.

In addition to these great retailers,the 40th Street wraparound offers much in the way of food, notably at Smokey Joe's, My Favorite Muffin, Cool Peppers (specializing in Mexican fare), and Bucks County Coffee (try their hot apple cider)! -- Z. M.

30th Street Station

All aboard! Do you realize just how much stuff you can get for people at 30th Street Amtrak Station? Whether you are on your way to the airport, or to Washington for the vacation, or just heading home at day's end to Bryn Mawr or Drexel Hill or West Trenton or wherever, take a few minutes to check out some of the shopping opportunities here.

For the latest in music, there's a Tape World (with more than just tapes). Sweet tooth? 30th has a huge candy shop, with everything from fudge and jelly bellies and salt water taffy to nuts and raisins. If you just want to send a card or flowers, 30th has both. In fact, a half dozen roses is now only $8, and a dozen is just $15. This month, poinsettias are on sale for $5. And, you can get 15% off flowers with a Student Advantage card anytime.

30th also has a Post Office (besides the giant one across the street). So, not only can you buy commemorative stamps for your collection, but you can send someone special that card you just bought at the card shop. And, of course, there are several newstands--subscriptions to The Economist or Foreign Affairs , for example, are never bad gift ideas.

The Cart Market--sure, you pass by the carts all the time, but did you ever really see what they have to offer? Ties, perfume, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, cell phones, food baskets, sports paraphernalia, fleece clothing, vitamins, watches, scrunchies, candles, and South American apparel--one finds an overkill in breadth, if not in depth, of selection in the main hall of the station. For some arbitrary examples, novelty ties are $7.99 (two for $14), MLB caps are now on sale for 1/3 off, NFL trashcans are also on sale for $9.95, stress relief pills are $1.40 (the saleswoman swears by them), and wristwatches are anywhere between $5 and $45.

On top of all this there is an elegant, almost European food mart, with fruit, bakery treats, and aisle after aisle of Thai, French, Japanese, Italian, Southern soulfood and other kinds of takeout--but they can also be enjoyed on site in an indoor sidewalk cafe setting near the gourmet coffee stands. --Z.M.

Gift Ideas for Special People Who Love...

. . . Antiquities: The University Museum has a December special of $5 off their household or individual gift membership, packaged in an Egyptian -style tin. Those who live in the present but treasure the past will be delighted with your gift of a full year of free admission, Museum Shop discounts, and Expedition Magazine. And, they will be kept up-to-date about the latest discoveries from the Museum's worldwide fieldwork and research. Information: 898-0657.

. . . Art: Institute of Contemporary Art members get free admission, invitations to previews, calendar of events, private "Curator's Perspective" tours, 10% discounts on ICA catalogues and prints and discounts on all lectures, symposia, performances, family workshops and special events. Students, artists, senior citizens, Penn faculty and staff pay $20; individuals, $35; families or households, $65. A Contributing membership costs $100; Participating, $300; Benefactor, $500 and Director's Circle, $1000. Information: 898-7108.

. . . Books: Give a friend a year-long membership in the Friends of the Penn Library and you'll get a gift as well: a box of 12 greeting cards with reproductions of four medieval manuscript illustrations. Your friend gets a handsome brass bookmark, subscription to Bibliotheca, the Friends of the Library newsletter, and invitations to the Library's exhibit openings, lectures and theater, and other cultural events. Membership fees: student ($10), regular ($35), sponsor ($100), patron ($250), benefactor ($500), Benjamin Franklin Society ($1000), or life membership ($1500). Benefactor, Ben Franklin and Life members get a year free of book borrowing privileges. Information: 898-7552.

Also, the Penn Library has released a "Web-enabled" CD/ROM disk containing the full text and images from four "on-line exhibits" that have been mounted on the Web by the Library's Special Collections Department. The disk is now available for $5. To purchase call 573-3610.

You can also give a book by the University of Penn Press like Hopeful Journeys, The Elfreth Book of Letters , A Philadelphia Family or the WPA Guide to Philadelphia. To order by phone call 1-800-445-9880. See pages 8-10 of this issue for books by Penn authors.

. . . Cinema: For the cinephile on your list, give a $20 discount film ticket good for any five movies shown by the Neighborhood Film/Video Project at International House. The ticket is good for one year. Information : 895-6542.

. . . Flora: Give a living, beautiful and easy to grow gift: Holland bulbs from the Association of Alumnae. Choose from: nine purple crocuses in a blue delft bowl ($13); scarlet, white, or pink, amaryllis or four paperwhites in a white delft bowl ($16); miniature red amaryllis in a white delft bowl or five tête-a-tête narcissi in a wicker basket ($18); pink and white double amaryllis in a ceramic pot or a Christmas amaryllis in a holiday planter ($20). Shipping/handling charges and any taxes are additional. Order by December 12 for holiday delivery. Information: 898-7811.

Or, give a membership to the Morris Arboretum, the state of Pennsylvania's official arboretum and you'll get a gift certificate good for $10 from the gift shop. With the membership comes: free admission, 15% course discounts, the quarterly newsletter, all the plant sale benefits, access to the Reciprocal Admissions Program, gift shop discounts, invitations to events and lectures, and use of the shuttle for the disabled. Your gift will be "announced" with an Arboretum tote bag. Membership plans: Student ($20; with valid Penn ID), regular ($45), Franklinia ($65), Chestnut ($125), Holly ($250), Oak ($500) and Laurel ($1000). Information: 247-5777, Ext. 147, 151 or 155.

. . . Food: For convenient meals on campus, try Dining Services' ten-meal coupon books for breakfast ($42), lunch ($70), and dinner ($106). For 25 -meal coupon books, the rates are, respectively, $98, $168, and $262. Members of the Law School Community may purchase $10 value cards for use in Stern Dining Commons and the Goat Espresso Cart. All faculty and staff may purchase Value Cards in various denominations for use at CHATS. For further information, contact Adam Sherr at 898-7585.

Or, a Faculty Club membership, or gift certificates for lunch or dinner in the Hourglass (for members and non-members alike). Or, give a deposit to a member's Declining Balance Account. Cash,checks, and credit cards are accepted. Contact Martha Huggins at the Club, 898-4620.

Hillel Foundation: serves breakfast at $4.75, lunch at $7.25 and dinner at $10.75. During holidays and Friday evenings there is an additional surcharge of $4.50. Reservations are needed, by Thursdays at 5 p.m., for weekend meals.

. . . Sports and Fitness: The Class of 1923 Ice Rink offers a 10-admission discount book to Public Skating at the Rink for $40 for those with PennCard and $45 for those without. For the skating enthusiast: six weeks of group lessons, beginning the week of January 5, for $75. The lesson registration deadline is December 29. For more information, please call 898-1575.

The Fitness Center at the Recreation Department offers reduced memberships after January 2. The fee is $100 for students and $155 for faculty /staff. This fee is valid through August 15.

. . . The Stage: The Annenberg Center has two gift options for theater-lovers. Buy gift certificates for upcoming productions including Having Our Say (December 10-15), Dance Celebration's Tharp! (January 7-12) and Philadelphia Festival Theatre for New Plays' Bare Knuckle (January 23-February 8). Or, buy a student four Select Tix vouchers for $40; the student can use the vouchers--each good for one ticket to any performance in the 1996-97 season--to see four different shows or to take a group friends out for an evening of theater. Call the box office at 898-6791 for more information.

. . . The World: International House members get $5 off a ticket to any International House Music Series concert, $1 off a ticket to any Neighborhood Film/Video Project screening, 10% discount at the Bazaar Shop (a unique boutique located in the IHouse gallery) and ticket discounts to special events, such as the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema and more. Individuals, $30; families, $50; contributing, $100. Family members receive all of the above discounts for two individuals and contributing members receive the same discounts for four --S.B.

Penn VIPS Holiday Drive for Toys & Gifts

During this holiday season we once again ask the Penn community to lend a helping hand to its neighbors. Each year we support several organizations to make the holiday brighter for children and adults. This year we will donate items to Horizon House, St. Barnabas Mission, and Potters House. All three organizations support the homeless and less fortunate in our community. In addition we will provide gifts to the West Philadelphia Maternity Care Coalition.

We need the support of all members of the faculty and staff at Penn. Please contact Penn VIPS (898-2020) if you or your organization would like to provide gifts for children or adults. Help us to spread some cheer this holiday season.

-- Bonnie Ragsdale, Center for Community Partnerships


Volume 43 Number 15
December 10, 1996

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