News in Brief

Penn National Commission

Dr. Judith Rodin has announced the formation of a Penn National Commission on Society, Culture and Community, made up of scholars and leaders from the U.S. and abroad who will "try to understand the underlying social, historical and intellecutal dynamics" of polarization in the present-day society. Dr. Stephen P. Steinberg, Assistant to the President, has been named Executive Director of the Commission, launched this week with a two -day plenary meeting on campus. (For the Commission's membership and goals, see this issue.)

Penn Cultural Resources

A draft Cultural Resources Management Plan for the University is offered for examination, with comment invited by January 15, 1997. (See this issue).

NCAA: Comment by December 20

In this issue's 24-page Supplement, a self-study of athletics is presented for comment by the University community as part of an NCAA certification process. The Penn Committee's chair, Vice President Stephen Golding, asks comment by December 20, 1996 (See the Supplement).

Deaths: Dr. Case, Dr. Viteles

At presstime, Almanac received notice of the deaths of two eminent emeritus professors, Dr. Lynn Cass of History, at the age of 93, and Dr. Morris Viteles of Psychology, who was also Dean of GSE, at the age of 99. Articles are being prepared for publication next week.

Preliminary Hearing: January 7

The preliminary hearing in the murder trial for the three defendants charged with the death of Dr. Vladimir Sled' will be held Tuesday, January 7 in Courtroom 306 of the Criminal Justice Center. The hearing was postponed because the district attorney made a legal motion to remove the public defender as the defense for Eugene Harrison since the PD's office is representing the other two defendants in another open case. Although Municipal Court Judge Thomas McCormack ruled that the PD should be off the case, the PD has appealed the decision. The lawyers will be back in court on December 11, "listing for status on counsel, " for a decision about Harrison's representation.


Volume 43 Number 15
December 10, 1996

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