April 30, 1996
Volume 42 Number 30

In this Issue

A Matter of Structure; Barnes & Noble Superstore; Guggenheim Fellow: Dr. Marina Roseman; Baccalaureate Procession
Council: President's Report, Provost's Report on ROTC Decision, Response on ROTC, and Other Topics
SENATE: SEC Agenda May 1; PPSA Slate for May 7 Election Meeting
OF RECORD: Policy for Postdocs and RAs in Sciences and Engineering
Wharton Teaching Awards
A Guggenheim Roster

Compass Features

Statement: Barnes & Noble Superstore
OSHA Required Programs; Crime and Safety Alerts
Penn Mother's Day Events; Update; CrimeStats; Correction; As the Spring Term Winds Down...
Benchmarks: Why Children's Theatre? (Thea Diamond)

A Matter of Structure

Before scientists can design drugs to fight diseases, they need to know the surface shape and interior geometry of proteins. A Penn team from SAS and PennMed has resolved the molecular structure of the elusive lac repressor. On the team, below,are Mitchell Lewis of Biochemistry & Biophysics/Med (rear), Helen Pace, Michele Kercher, and Ponzy Lu of SAS Chemistry. More information.

On the team's computer-generated graphics, colors identify individual monomors and deoxyoligonucleotides (above, lower picture) so that when an image's orientation is changed--to the "overhead" view (above, top picture), for example--scientists can see that the upper two fragments of eoxyoligonucleotide are separated in space and do not interact in the tetramer. Photo by Tommy Leonardi

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