Safety Alert: Caution & Common Sense at the ATM

Always try to be aware of persons near Automatic Teller Machines, especially at night. If a person's presence concerns you, pass up that particular location and use another machine.

Try to have someone accompany you when you are going to an ATM. Try to park your car close to the ATM. Walk briskly to and from the machine, avoiding conversation with strangers.

ATM forms, such as deposit slips, should be collected at a prior visit so that they can be filled out in advance.

Money withdrawn from an ATM should be placed securely out of sight immediately after it is taken from the machine. If you are followed by persons after you use the ATM, go to the nearest open business or place where people are present.

If persons enter an ATM building or walk up to an ATM and stand very close to you while you are in the middle of a transaction, cancel the transaction immediately. Be sure to wait for the machine to return your card before safely putting it away and leaving the area as quickly as possible.

Do not allow yourself to be rushed or crowded by people while you are using the machine as you may leave your card behind in your haste to get out of the situation and, to make matters worse, persons may observe your PIN as you enter it into the machine.

Avoid giving your PIN or ATM card or both to anyoneeven if persons claim to work for the bank, state that they are law enforcement officials, or if they promise to share a large amount of cash with you. Contact the bank that issued the ATM card immediately if you think that the card has been lost or stolen.

Use ATMs Located Inside University Buildings Whenever Possible

Main Lobby, Harnwell House/High Rise East* 3820 Locust Walk
Plaza Entrance, Nichols House/Grad Tower A 3600 Chestnut Street
Mellon Bank Building* 36th & Walnut Streets
Ground Floor Cafe, Steinberg-Dietrich Hall 3620 Locust Walk
McClelland Lounge, The Quad 3700 Spruce Street
Ground Floor of the Ravdin Building, HUP 3400 Spruce Street
Main Lobby, Penn Tower Hotel 399 South 34th Street
Johnson Pavilion, Medical School Complex 37th & Hamilton Walk
Lower Level, Plaza Entrance, Houston Hall 3417 Spruce Street
The Food Court 3409 Walnut Street
The Book Store 3729 Locust Walk

* Depository Capability

-- Officer Ann Haines


Volume 42 Number 30
April 30, 1996

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