A Roster of Penn's John Simon Guggenhiem Fellows Over the Years

Last fall the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation set out to gather together all of Fellows from the Delaware Valley, for a reception hosted by President Judith Rodin in Eisenlohr Hall. For Guggenheim Foundation President Joel Conarroe, it was also a homecoming of sorts: he was a professor of English who served as Ombudsman and later as Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Penn. Almanac asked for the complete list, and found that there is no definitive list (see end note) but that at least those below have won one or more Guggenheim Fellowships over the years.

Roger D. Abrahams, Hum Rosen Professor of Folklore and Folklife: 1965.

Fay Ajzenberg-Selove, Professor of Physics: 1965.

Paul D. Allison, Professor of Sociology: 1986.

Albert K. Ando, Professor of Economics: 1970.

Solomon E. Asch, Professor Emeritus of Psychology: 1941, 1943

Nina Auerbach, John Welsh Centennial Professor of History and Literature: 1979.

Houston A. Baker, Jr., Albert M. Greenfield Professor of Human Relations: 1978.

E. Digby Baltzell, Professor of Sociology: 1978.

Jere R. Behrman, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Economics: 1979.

Dan Ben-Amos, Professor of Folklore & Folklife: 1975.

Ernest Bender, Professor of Indo-Aryan Languages and Literatures: 1955.

Ivar E. Berg, Professor of Sociology, 1973.

Charles Clarence Bernheimer, Professor of Romance Languages: 1986.

Lawrence F. Bernstein, Leonard Shapiro Term Chair in Music: 1987.

Sidney A. Bludman, Professor of Physics: 1983.

Derek Bodde, Professor Emeritus of Chinese Studies: 1970.

Walter D. Bonner, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Biophysics/Med: 1967.

Frank Paul Bowman, Professor of French: 1968, 1986.

Harold J. Bright, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Biophysics/Med,: 1971.

Allan H. Brown, Professor Emeritus of Biology: 1956.

Norman Brown, Professor of Metallurgy and Materials Science: 1958.

Marina S. Brownlee, Class of 1963 College of Women Professor of Romance Languages: 1993

Elias Burstein, Mary Amanda Wood Professor Emeritus of Physics: 1980.

Eugenio Calabi, Thomas A. Scott Professor Emeritus of Mathematics: 1962.

Malcolm John Campbell, Professor of the History of Art: 1966.

David Cass, Paul F. and E. Warren Shafer Miller Professor of Economics: 1970.

John Joseph Cebra, Professor of Biology and Annenberg Professor of Natural Sciences: 1982.

Britton Chance, Eldridge Reeves Johnson Professor Emeritus of Medical Physics and Director of the Johnson Research Foundation: 1945, 1947.

Dorothy L. Cheney, Professor of Biology: 1995

Tristram Potter Coffin, Professor Emeritus of English: 1953.

Hennig Cohen, John Welsh Centennial Professor of History and English Literature: 1960.

Peter Conn, Professor of English: 1984.

Diana Crane, Professor of Sociology: 1974.

George H. Crumb, Annenberg Professor of Music: 1967, 1973.

Stuart A. Curran, Andrea Mitchell Term Professor of English: 1973.

Ruth Josephine Dean, Professor Emeritus of English and Romance Languages: 1948.

Margreta DeGrazia, Professor of English: 1994.

Joan Elizabeth DeJean, Trustee Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures: 1986.

Phillip H. De Lacy, Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies: 1960.

David Joseph DeLaura, Avalon Foundation Professor of the Humanities and Professor of English: 1967.

David Kenneth Detweiler, Professor of Physiology: 1955.

Richard S. Dunn, Professor of History: 1966.

Elizabeth B. Dussan V., Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering: 1984.

Robert Harris Dyson, Jr., Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and Emeritus Charles K. Williams II Director, University Museum: 1971.

Robert Francis Engs, Associate Professor of History: 1981.

Ralph O. Erickson, Professor Emeritus of Botany: 1954.

Martha J. Farah, Professor of Psychology: 1995

Nancy M. Farriss, Walter H. Annenberg Professor of History: 1983.

Drew Gilpin Faust, Walter H. Annenberg Professor of History: 1986.

Renée Claire Fox, Annenberg Professor of the Social Sciences: 1961.

Sherman Frankel, Professor of Physics: 1956, 1978.

Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr., Professor of Sociology: 1982.

Paul Fussell, Donald T. Regan Professor of English: 1977.

Rochel Gelman, Professor of Psychology: 1973.

Herman Randolph Gluck, Professor of Mathematics: 1972.

Judah Goldin, Professor Emeritus, Department of Oriental Studies: 1958

Nicholas K. Gonatas, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine/Med: 1970.

Ward H. Goodenough, University Professor Emeritus: 1979.

Charles Danne Graham, Jr., Professor of Materials Science & Engineering: 1961.

Mark Irwin Greene, John Eckman Professor of Medical Sciences: 1991

Sanford Jay Grossman, Stein-berg Trustee Professor of Finance: 1981.

Paul David Guyer, Professor of Philosophy: 1982.

Arthur Brooks Harris, Professor of Physics: 1972.

Niels Haugaard, Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology/Med: 1952.

Henry Hiz, Professor of Linguistics: 1976.

Robin Main Hochstrasser, Donner Professor of Physical Science: 1971.

Henry M. Hoenigswald, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics: 1950.

Daniel Hoffman, Felix E. Schelling Professor of English Literature and Poet in Residence: 1983.

Howard Holtzer, Professor of Anatomy/Med: 1958.

John O. Honnold, Jr., William A. Schnader Professor of Commercial Law: 1957.

Thomas P. Hughes, Mellon Professor of the History and Sociology of Science: 1986.

Lynn Avery Hunt, Walter H. Annenberg Professor of History: 1982.

Leo M. Hurvich, Professor Emeritus of Psychology: 1964.

Pierre Jalbert, Lecturer in Music: 1994.

Myra Jehlen, Richard and Laura Fisher Professor of English: 1988.

Elizabeth Johns, Silfen Term Professor of the History of Art: 1985.

Aravind K. Joshi, Henry Salvatori Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science: 1971.

Richard Vincent Kadison, Gustave C. Kuemmerle Professor of Mathematics: 1969.

Charles H. Kahn, Professor of Philosophy: 1979.

Akira Kaji, Professor of Microbiology: 1972.

Jeffrey Kallberg, Associate Professor of Music and Director of Graduate Studies in Music: 1992

Michael B. Katz, Stanley I. Sheerr Professor of History and Director of Urban Studies Program: 1977.

Nicholas A. Kefalides, Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry and Biophysics: 1977.

Abraham Klein, Professor of Physics: 1975.

Michael L. Klein, Hepburn Professor of Chemistry: 1989.

Georg Nicolaus Knauer, Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies: 1979.

George Brampton Koelle, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology/Med: 1963.

Igor Kopytoff, Professor of Anthropology: 1984.

Paul J. Korshin, Professor of English: 1987.

Robert Alan Kraft, Professor of Religious Studies: 1969.

Bruce Kuklick, Mellon Term Professor in the Humanities: 1976.

William D. Labov, Professor of Linguistics: 1970, 1987.

Richard David Lambert, Professor of Sociology: 1956.

Douglas Alan Lauffenburger, Alumni Professor of Chemical Engineering: 1989.

Lynn Hollen Lees, Professor of History: 1978.

Erle Verdun Leichty, Professor of Assyriology and Curator, Akkad-ian Language and Literature, University Museum: 1963.

John Scott Leigh, Jr., Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysic/Med: 1974.

Marjorie B. Levinson, Associate Professor of English: 1986.

Moshe Lewin, Professor Emeritus of History: 1995

Hui-Lin Li, John Bartram Professor Emeritus of Botany: 1961.

Leigh Lisker, Professor of Linguistics: 1967.

Tom C. Lubensky, Professor of Physics: 1981.

Vicki Mahaffey, Associate Professor of English: 1992

George Makdisi, Professor Emeritus of Oriental Studies: 1957, 1966.

Seymour J. Mandelbaum, Professor of Urban History: 1965.

Jerre G. Mangione, Professor Emeritus of American Literature: 1945.

Alfred K. Mann, Bernard & Ida Grossman Professor of Physics: 1981.

Julian B. Marsh, Professor of Biochemistry/Dent.: 1960.

Donald B. Martin, Professor of Medicine: 1974.

E. Ann Matter, Professor of Religious Studies: 1995

John Walker McCoubrey, James and Nan Wagner Farquhar Professor in History of Art: 1964.

Jane Menken, UPS Foundation Term Professor in the Social Sciences and Director, Population Studies Center: 1992

Leonard B. Meyer, Benjamin Franklin Professor Emeritus of Music and the Humanities: 1970.

Margaret A. Mills, UPS Foundation Associate Professor of Folklore and Folklife: 1993

Perry B. Molinoff, A. N. Richards Professor of Pharmacology/Med: 1970.

Ewa Morawska, Professor of Sociology: 1987.

Adrian R. Morrison, Jr., Professor of Anatomy/Vet: 1984.

James D. Muhly, Professor of Ancient Near Eastern History: 1978.

K. C. Nicolaou, Professor of Chemistry: 1983.

Albert Nijenhuis, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics: 1961.

M. Frank Norman, Professor of Psychology: 1970.

David Bourke O'Connor, Associate Professor of Egyptology: 1982.

James J. O'Donnell, Professor of Classical Studies: 1989.

Daniel Joseph O'Kane, Professor of Biology: 1955.

Martin Ostwald, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor Emeritus of Classics, Swarthmore College; Professor of Classical Studies: 1977.

José Miguel Oviedo, Trustee Professor of Spanish Language and Literature: 1972.

Norman Dunbar Palmer, Professor Emeritus of Political Science: 1961.

Lee D. Peachey, Professor of Biology: 1967.

Daniel D. Perlmutter, Professor of Chemical Engineering: 1964.

Robert P. Perry, Senior Member, Institute for Cancer Research; Professor of Biophysics: 1974.

Edward M. Peters, Henry Charles Lea Professor of Medieval History: 1988.

E. Ward Plummer, Professor of Physics: 1986.

Robert T. Powers, Professor of Mathematics and of Physics: 1979.

David Premack, Professor of Psychology: 1978.

Samuel H. Preston, Professor of Sociology: 1984.

James Primosch, Composer; Laura Jan Meyerson Term Professor in the Humanities: 1985.

Maureen Quilligan, May Department Stores Company Professor of English: 1981.

Jay Reise, Composer; Professor of Music: 1979.

Robert A. Rescorla, James M. Skinner Professor of Science and Associate Dean, School of Arts & Sciences: 1984.

John J. Richetti, Leonard Sugarman Term Professor of English: 1970.

Michele H. Richman, Associate Professor of Romance Languages: 1987.

W. Allyn Rickett, Professor Emeritus of Chinese Studies: 1969.

Alfred J. Rieber, Alfred L. Cass Term Professor of History: 1965.

Philip Rieff, Benjamin Franklin Professor Emeritus of Sociology: 1970.

John W. Roberts, Associate Professor of Folklore and Folklife and: 1994

George A. Rochberg, Annenberg Professor Emeritus in the Humanities: 1956, 1966.

Judith Rodin, President and Professor of Psychology, Medicine, and Psychiatry: 1986.

Irwin A. Rose, Professor of Physical Biochemistry: 1971.

Marina Roseman, Assistant Professor of Music/Anthropology: 1996.

Charles E. Rosenberg, Janice and Julian Bers Professor of History and Sociology of Science: 1965, 1989.

James F. Ross, Professor of Philosophy: 1982.

Paul Rozin, Professor of Psychology: 1977.

Alvin Z. Rubinstein, Professor of Political Science: 1965.

Gillian Sankoff, Professor of Linguistics: 1986.

Russell Perry Sebold, Edwin B. Williams Professor of Romance Languages: 1962.

Gino Claudio Segré, Professor of Physics: 1975.

Martin E. Seligman, Bob and Arlene Kogod Term Chair: 1974.

Walter Selove, Professor of Physics: 1971.

Robert M. Seyfarth, Professor of Psychology: 1995

Julius L. Shaneson, Professor of Mathematics: 1981.

Nathan Sivin, Professor of Chinese Culture and of the History of Science: 1971.

Amos B. Smith, Rhodes-Thompson Professor of Chemistry : 1985.

Wesley Dale Smith, Professor of Classical Studies: 1971.

Carroll Smith-Rosenberg, Trustees' Council of Penn Women Term Professor in the Humanities and Professor of History: 1990

James Mather Sprague, Joseph Leidy Professor Emeritus of Anatomy/ Med: 1948.

Wendy Steiner, Richard Fisher Professor in English: 1982.

Paul J. Steinhardt, Mary Amanda Wood Professor of Physics: 1994

Saul Sternberg, Professor of Psychology: 1972.

Rosemary A. Stevens, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences, and Thomas S. Gates Professor: 1983.

Clyde Wilson Summers, Jefferson B. Fordham Professor of Law: 1955.

William Harrison Telfer, Professor of Zoology: 1960.

Arnold Wilfred Thackray, Joseph Priestley Professor of History and Sociology of Science: 1971, 1985.

Craig R. Thompson, Felix E. Schelling Professor Emeritus of English: 1942, 1954, 1955, 1968.

Lewis G. Tilney, Robert Strausz-Hupé Term Professor of Biology: 1975.

Gary Alfred Tomlinson, John Goldsmith Term Professor of Music History: 1982.

Marc Trachtenberg, Professor of History: 1983.

Frank Trommler, Professor of German: 1984.

Robert Y. Turner, Professor of English: 1974.

Greg Urban, Professor of Anthropology: 1993

André Von Gronicka, Professor Emeritus of German Literature: 1957, 1969.

Alexander Vucinich, Professor Emeritus of History and Sociology of Science: 1974, 1985.

Anthony F. Wallace, Professor of Anthropology: 1978.

Frank W. Warner, Professor of Mathematics: 1976.

Gerald Clifford Weales, Professor Emeritus of English: 1981.

Liliane Weissberg, Professor of German and Comparative Literature: 1991

Neil Welliver, Professor of Fine Arts: 1983.

Siegfried Wenzel, Professor of English: 1968, 1982.

Richard Wernick, Irving Fine Term Professor of Music: 1976.

Herbert S. Wilf, Professor of Mathematics: 1973.

Saul Winegrad, Professor of Physiology/Med: 1981.

Eugene K. Wolf, Professor of Music: 1975.

Marvin Eugene Wolfgang, Professor of Criminology and of Law, Center for Studies in Criminology and Criminal Law: 1957, 1968.

End Notes

In a sense this two-page list is a rough draft.

It is based on a file furnished by the Guggenheim Foundation after a search of its full data base, which basically indicated recipients by institution-at-the-time-of-award but was partially updated to reflect, for example, that the host for the reception, Dr. Rodin, had arrived at Penn with a Guggenheim Fellowship in her c.v. Many others who were Guggenheim Fellows before joining Penn will probably need to be found by word of mouth as well. Some on this list have left Penn since receiving the award, and at least two, Dr. Asch and Dr. Palmer, have died since the list was received.

Almanac is interested in additions and changes, and will share them with the University Archives, where efforts are under way to create a comprehensive on-line roster of major honors to Penn faculty, including the Guggenheim, Fulbright, MacArthur and other national and international awards.

Please email information to almanac@pobox.upenn.edu.


Volume 42 Number 30
April 30, 1996

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