Council Reports from the Meeting April 24, 1996

Other Leadership Reports

The Provost's opening report also included a brief announcement that the proposed Judicial Charter has been approved by three of the Schools SAS, Nursing and Wharton--and that it goes before the SEAS faculty for vote May 14.

Three of the constituency leaders primarily acknowledged hard work and support of people, committees and offices during the year--Dr. William Kissick' as chair of he Steering Committee, the UA's Lance Rogers and GAPSA's Victor Prince.

Mr. Prince added that GAPSA has completed a survey of its members that ranks University services, to assist the VPUL in strategic planning, and has prepared a needs-list for a proposed cafe. He noted the celebration of Graduate and Professional Student Awareness Week nationwide this month, with a Governor's Proclamation, a Quad barbecue and a party at 30th Street Station among the activities.

PPSA: May 7 Meeting

Attending for the out-going chair, Ira Winston, Marie Witt reported on plans for the election meeting to be held May 7 (see slate).

A-3 Assembly: BookStore a Topic

Betty Thomas of the A-3 Assembly Executive Board, appearing for the organization's spokesperson Karen Wheeler, presesnted two issues and two information items. The issues:

In the wake of the announcement of the Barnes & Noble superstore, she cited Daily Pennsylvanian articles on uncertainty among present Book Store employees, and urged assistance to, and an informational meeting for, both A-1 and A-3 staff of the BookStore [see response below].

There are no A-3s on the new committee studying job classifications (Almanac March 26), and representation should be added, she said.

Ms. Thomas reported that the Assembly's third annual Employee Training Program will be held twice--May 14 and May 16--from 2 to 5 p.m. in Houston Hall, with some 400 expected through the cooperation of the President, the EVP and the Vice President for Human Resources. She also announced that nominations are in progress for positions on the A-3 Assembly Executive Board and its committees.

On BookStore Options: To Ms. Thomas's comments on the BookStore, President Rodin replied that before the Barnes & Noble announcement EVP John Fry and Marie Witt of Business Services did meet with the staff. "Three have already been hired by Barnes & Noble and all others have been offered an opportunity to meet with the Barnes & Noble staff. As you can see from the size of the store planned, they will be expanding the need for employees rather than reducing it, and they would like to give first call to current employees," Dr. Rodin said. Should staff choose not to accept a future with Barnes & Noble, or if they are not offered positions there for one reason or another, she added, the University's staff transition program offers advising, training and "a sizeable amount of transition funding" (see the policy on Discontinuation of Positions, Almanac July 18, 1995).

(Coverage of agenda items at the April 24 meeting will appear in a coming issue.--Ed.)


Volume 42 Number 30
April 30, 1996

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