April 16, 1996
Volume 42 Number 28

Director of Libraries Paul Mosher gives Jacob Safra of Wharton's Class of 1998 (right) a tour of the just-reopened Lippincott Library in the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library complex. Above, a screen saver used on the 30 new terminals.

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Bulletins: AAUP Elections; Faculty Club Elections and Survey; Computing's Dan Updegrove to Yale; SAS/SEAS Dual Post for Ira Winston
Council: Upcoming Topics; Speaking Out: Response on FAS 106; SEC: Actions of April 3; Reminders
SENATE: Report of the Committee on Students and Educational Policy,
On Making Penn's the Undergraduate Education of Choice for the 21st Century

Compass Features

March's A-3: Howard Tillman; Crime Alert: Car Thefts; Volunteers for the ICA; Scholarly Opportunity at Cambridge; A-3 and F/SAP on the Web
Three-Year Academic Calendar--Corrected for new start dates for Summer Sessions in all three years
CrimeStats, Update; Dial M for Monty's 40th
Honorary Degree Recipients for Commencement '96
Pullout: Two Reports on the Council Agenda for April 24:
Personnel Benefits and Electronic Privacy in Dorms

Budget: Michael Masch

Michael Masch, who for the past four years has been the City of Philadelphia's director of the office of budget and program evaluation, has been named Executive Director of the University's Office of Budget and Management Analysis--a new name for what has been the Office of Resource Planning and Budget. He will also have the title Assistant to the President, Dr. Judith Rodin said in announcing his appointment last week.

He will take office on May 13.

The renamed office will continue to manage the University's annual budget process, design long-term resource plans and perform other financial planning functions as it has in the past, Dr. Rodin said. In addition, it will become increasingly involved in analyzing and evaluating the fiscal performance of the University's administrative units and schools; given this additional focus, she said, "the change in the name of the office made a lot of sense."

Michael Masch is a Philadelphian who majored in urban studies as an undergraduate at Temple, and took his graduate work in public policy analysis at Penn. Before joining the Rendell administration in 1992, he served from 1983-91 as director of economic analysis for the Philadelphia City Council.

"Mike Masch has been one of the Rendell administration's stars," Dr. Rodin said, "and I am delighted that he will be joining my senior administrative team. He has a keen appreciation of the range of issues confronting higher education today, and a great regard for this University. As we move toward the implementation of Agenda for Excellence and prepare the University for the 21st Century, Mike Masch will have a major role to play, and I will rely on him greatly."

At a press conference announcing the impending change, Mayor Ed Rendell called his budget chief of four years "the unsung hero of this administration," citing his initiation of new forms of reporting for city managers, and his advocacy of innovative ways to cut $750 million from the city's costs during Mayor Rendell's first term.

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