Honorary Degrees

Eight honorary degrees will be awarded at Commencement '96. See profiles, back page.

AAUP Slate for 1996-97

The Nominating Committee of the Board of The University of Pennsylvania Chapter of AAUP has proposed the following slate of candidates for officers and board members for academic year 1996-97:

President: Elsa Ramsden

Vice-President: Morris Mendelson

Treasurer: Erling Boe

Secretary: Ira M. Cohen

Board Members:
Janet Deatrick
Peter Freyd,
Reuben Kron
Charles Mooney,
Stanton Segal

Nominations from the membership at large will be open for two weeks following the date of publication of this notice. If any are received, an election will be held. Otherwise, the slate shall at that time be declared elected.

-- Ira M. Cohen, Secretary, AAUP

Faculty Club Election: May 7

The Faculty Club will hold its Annual Meeting on Tuesday, May 7, at 4 p.m. The election of new members to the Board of Governors will take place at the meeting. The nominating committee, chaired by Dr. Roger Allen, has selected the following members to fill seven positions on the Board of Governors. In accordance with the by-laws, the current positions will become vacant as terms expire May 31.

For a term of two years:
Roger Allen, Professor of Arabic
Manuel Doxer, Executive Director of Administrative Affairs, Provost's Office
Saul Katzman, Executive Director of Administrative/Financial Services, SAS

For a term of three years:
Nicholas Constan, Adjunct Professor of Legal Studies
Morris Mendelson, Emeritus Professor of Finance
Anthony Santomero, Professor of Finance
Jerome Singerman, Acquisitions Editor, University Press

A nominating petition on behalf of another individual and signed by five regular members of the Club may be submitted to the Secretary of the Club by April 26. Petitions must be accompanied by a written statement on the part of the nominee, indicating his/her willingness to serve. Questions concerning the nominating process should be directed to Roger Allen at 898-6337 or e-mail at allen@ccat.sas.

Faculty Club Survey: by April 19

Faculty and Staff are urged to complete the Faculty Club surveys distributed by mail the week of April 1. A long-range planning team has been convened under the leadership of the President of the Board of Governors of the Faculty Club, Dr. Elsa Ramsden, and Vice President for Business Services Steve Murray to help plan the future role of the Faculty Club. Faculty and staff input are extremely critical to this process. Surveys will be gratefully accepted through April 19. If you have not received a survey or have any questions, please contact me at Ext. 8-1199 or witt@pobox. The web site for the survey is: www.upenn.edu/faculty-club.

-- Marie D. Witt, Director, Support Services, Business Services


Volume 42 Number 28
April 16, 1996

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