Next Week at Council

Two of the three reports to be given at the University Council meeting Wednesday, April 24, are published in a four-page insert to this issue of Almanac.

They are the Committee on Communications Draft Policy on Student Privacy in University Residences and an associated modification to the dormitory occupancy agreement and the year-end report of the Committee on Personnel Benefits containing discussion of parenting policy and several issues related to health benefits.

The third report, by the Committee on Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics, will be published in the April 23 issue.

Also on the agenda for discussion on the 24th is the Public Safety Strategic Plan (Almanac March 26, 1996).

Council meets from 4 to 6 p.m. in McClelland Hall, the Quad, and is open to observers who register their interest in advance with the Office of the Secretary; call Ms. Silva, 898-7005.


Volume 42 Number 28
April 16, 1996

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