A-3 Employee of the Month: Nursing's Howard Tillman

Howard Tillman, March's A-3 Employee of the Month, is a duplicating machine operator in the School of Nursing who has, according to his supervisor, always "gone the extra mile" to get the job done. Over the six years Mr. Tillman has been at the Nursing School, he has developed an excellent working relationship with faculty and staff, and has always handled the many pressures and deadlines involved with his job.

To make a deadline, Mr. Tillman has been known to hand-deliver finished jobs directly to classrooms, in addition to taking the time to help assistant staff members learn the various aspects of running the Nursing School's copy center. His supervisor, Trudi Sippola, says the entire Nursing School has come to rely on Mr. Tillman at one time or another in his capacity at the copy center. Moreover, he can coax copies out of even the most stubborn of copy machines.

But Ms. Sippola was reluctant to heap too much praise on Mr. Tillman: "Please don't try to steal him from the School of Nursing! We have all come to rely upon him and couldn't get along without him!"

-- From the A-3 Assembly Employee Recognition Committee


Volume 42 Number 28
April 16, 1996

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