April 9, 1996
Volume 42 Number 27

All eyes are on the Class of 2000...see the Compass

Posthaste: To get nearly 16,000 letters into the U.S. mail on time last week took rapid but methodical last- minute checking by Admissions staffers including Elsie H. Loyola and Willie Bishop (top). Next came high-speed sealing-and- postage operations at Penn Mail Service, where two of the many who pitched in were Phil Falcone (middle) and Thomas A. Harley (bottom). At 12:01 a.m. April 3, the Class of the Year 2000 was in the mail. (Compass story.) Photos by Jenny Friesenhahn


Abrams Award: Dr. Faust; Senate Annual Meeting Agenda;
Memorials: Dr. Abel, Mrs. Martin; WXPN Search Committee;
Penn Hall of Fame April 13

Speaking Out: Police Boundary, Notes; Harrison Society April 18
Of Record: Change in Policy on Annual Performance Appraisal and Staff Development

Compass features


Update and Deadlines, CrimeStats, Take Our Daughters to Work

Benchmarks: College Costs: Oversimplifying the Picture (Judith Rodin)

Challenging the Philadelphia Inquirer's portrayal of Penn in a recent series on college costs and tuition, Dr. Judith Rodin takes issue with the "short shrift" given to need-blind admissions, containment of tuition increases, and the use of numbers for enrollment and "administration." But "The most confounding aspect of this myopic opus...," she said, "was the dismissive and disparaging treatment of the research mission of Penn and other research universities." (See Benchmarks).
FOR COMMENT: Twenty-First Century Report on an Ivy Greek System
(A preliminary report of the IFC, Panhellenic Council and BIG-C)

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