Speaking Out

Note on Anonymous Letters

Almanac cannot run anonymous letters, but does have a procedure for allowing members of the University to publish as "Name Withheld" under some circumstances, as noted in the Guide for Readers and Contributors (in Almanac March 29, 1994, and on Almanac's homepage, in the section "About Almanac."). The writer who wished to discuss crosswalk safety should start this process by calling the editor, the chair of the Almanac Advisory Board, or a member of the Advisory Board representing his or her constituency of the University. All of these names are listed on the inside back page of this issue.

Note on Retiree Benefits Letter[s]

A response to Dr. Peter Knutson's letter on FAS 106 (Speaking Out April 2) has been delayed to the coming week's issue. Also appearing next week will be another exchange on retiree benefits, initiated by Dr. Phoebe Leboy.


April 9, 1996
Volume 42 Number 27

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