Weekly Crime Reports

The University of Pennsylvania Police Department Community Crime Report

About the Crime Report: Below are all Crimes Against Persons, Property and Crimes Against Society from the campus report for September 25, 2017-October 1, 2017. View prior weeks' reports. —Ed.

This summary is prepared by the Division of Public Safety and includes all criminal incidents reported and made known to the University Police Department between the dates of September 25, 2017-October 1, 2017 The University Police actively patrol from Market Street to Baltimore Avenue and from the Schuylkill River to 43rd Street in conjunction with the Philadelphia Police. In this effort to provide you with a thorough and accurate report on public safety concerns, we hope that your increased awareness will lessen the opportunity for crime. For any concerns or suggestions regarding this report, please call the Division of Public Safety at (215) 898-4482.

09/26/1712:36 AM4109 Walnut StTrespassing/ Arrest
09/26/171:17 PM3400 Spruce StDisorderly conduct and public intoxication/ Arrest
09/26/173:00 PM4000 Sansom StAssault on Police/ Arrest
09/26/173:18 PM3400 Civic Center BlvdUnwanted phone call received
09/27/173:16 PM220 S 33rd StSecured bike taken
09/27/173:57 PM4001 Baltimore AveSecured bike taken
09/27/174:13 PM4008 Chestnut StUnauthorized charges made on debit card
09/27/177:37 PM3130 Walnut StCell phone stolen
09/27/179:17 PM433 University AveComplainant harassed by co-worker
09/28/174:50 AM4109 Walnut StParole violations/ Arrest
09/28/1711:56 AM43 Ludlow StProbation violations/ Arrest
09/28/173:30 PM4050 Spruce StItems taken from bedroom
09/28/174:00 PM100 S 40th StComplainant slapped in the face by offender.
09/28/176:56 PM4200 Walnut StSex offense/ Confidential
09/29/171:15 AM3440 Market StOffender demanded money and cigarettes
09/29/172:18 AM3900 Sansom StUnderage drinking/ Arrest
09/29/179:51 AM3730 Walnut StBlank checks taken from office
09/29/174:55 PM3600 Chestnut StItems taken from community dryer
10/01/172:20 AM3800 Walnut StDUI/ Arrest
10/01/171:10 PM4009 Pine StBurglary/ Arrest
10/01/178:52 PM4100 Pine StBackpack taken from auto

18th District Report

Below are the Crimes Against Persons from the 18th District: 13 incidents with 7 arrests (4 domestic assaults, 3 aggravated assaults, 3 assaults, and 3 robberies) were reported between September 25, 2017-October 1, 2017 by the 18th District covering the Schuylkill River to 49th Street & Market Street to Woodland Avenue

09/25/174:21 PM34th & Market StsDomestic assault
09/25/178:31 PM300 FarragutRobbery
09/25/178:58 PM4504 Locust StRobbery/ Arrest
09/26/172:31 AM234 S 46th StAggravated assault/ Arrest
09/26/172:32 AM234 S 46th StAggravated assault/ Arrest
09/26/173:15 PM4000 Sansom StAssault/ Arrest
09/27/179:32 AM3737 Chestnut StDomestic assault/ Arrest
09/27/179:30 PM433 University AveAssault
09/28/171:51 PM4800 Walnut StAssault/ Arrest
09/28/179:41 PM4400 Walnut StAggravated assault
09/29/171:17 AM3440 Market StRobbery
09/29/1711:13 AM4801 Walnut StDomestic assault
10/01/1711:14 AM1224 S 48th StDomestic assault/ Arrest