Six SP2 Faculty: 100 Most Influential Social Work Faculty List

SP2 has six faculty members who have  been recognized as one of the top 100 most influential contemporary social work faculty: Richard J. Gelles, Steven C. Marcus, Phyllis Solomon, Ram A. Cnaan, Susan B. Sorenson and Dennis P. Culhane. As noted in Journal of Social Service Research, the top 100 scholars were assessed based on their H-index, a numerical indicator of how productive and influential their many scholarly publications are and how frequently those works are subsequently cited themselves. 

“The individuals [listed] deserve to be recognized for their significant contributions to the profession’s intellectual life,” the article’s authors wrote. “Their works are substantive both in terms of quantity, the sheer numbers of published works, but also in terms of their quality, or utility, being used by others. A substantial proportion of scholarly articles are never cited further highlighting the significant impact the authors of very highly cited papers exert on the field.”