Sanguis: 2018 Startup Challenge Grand Prize

caption: Left to right: Daniel Zhang, Divyansh Agarwal, and Prateek Agarwal

Sanguis—founded by Divyansh Agarwal, GR’23, M’23; Prateek Agarwal, M’19, WG’20; and Daniel Zhang, GR’23, M’23—won the second annual Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship Startup Challenge on April 27. Sanguis has developed the world’s first hand-held, portable and inexpensive blood cell counting device, allowing patients to monitor their health during chemotherapy treatment and detect life-threatening conditions. The grand prize awards $30,000, plus $15,000 in legal, accounting and strategy services.

The medical device measures neutrophil levels, the body’s primary infection fighting cells. When neutrophil counts go down, the body loses its ability to fight infections. With Sanguis, patients can easily test their neutrophil levels at home.

Nearly 15,000 chemotherapy patients die each year from infections and other complications that rush in when the body is unable to defend itself, and Sanguis aims to reduce that number drastically. Previously, Sanguis was a member of VIP-Xcelerate, Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship’s three-month accelerator program for the most advanced startups and recipients of the Penn Wharton Innovation Fund.