Penn Students: Gingerbread Architecture Challenge

caption: A gingerbread replica of Fisher Fine Arts Library.

In just 40 hours and one week’s time, Jake Welde, E’19 and Izzy Korostoff, C’18, constructed a 14 x 20 inch confectionery masterpiece: a gingerbread replica  of Fisher Fine Arts Library. When they discovered that they could use the laser cutters in Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science to cut sheets of gingerbread into two–dimensional patterns, they immediately thought to make a gingerbread model of a building on Penn’s campus. They decided on the Fine Arts Library, since its intricate Venetian Gothic architecture particularly lent itself to decorative baking. They decided to “actually finish the project” when Izzy’s father told them about a gingerbread house-building competition sponsored by Philadelphia’s Center for Architecture and Design.

The Center for Architecture and Design named their project the winner of their 2017 Gingerbread Architecture Challenge, beating out a replica of the Fleisher Art Memorial for first place.