One Step Ahead: February Tax Tip

It is easy and convenient to file your taxes online. This year—and every year—make sure to take the proper steps to protect your confidential information!

Personal Tax information can be found under My Tax Info in the U@Penn Staff Portal.

My Tax Info provides University employees the opportunity to view, print, and download electronic versions of their income tax statements, such as the Form W-2, in an Adobe PDF format.

Protecting and handling your tax statements

Your tax statements possess sensitive information like your Social Security Number and financial compensation data. It is important to never access these statements from public computers or shared workspaces.

Follow these steps when using My Tax Info:

  • Before viewing sensitive information, make sure your computer is free of viruses, malware and other security risks. The University offers Symantec Endpoint Protection to protect against harmful software:
  • Keep your browsers up-to-date with the latest security patches before accessing tax information. Visit the browser vendor website for updates.
  • When you are finished, log out of the U@Penn Staff Portal and close your web browser.
  • Immediately delete any copies of your tax statement that you downloaded. 
  • Use care when printing your tax statement. When printing this information, be sure to keep your printed copy secure.
  • Shred any unwanted printed copies of your tax statements prior to discarding.

For more on how to protect your personal data visit and

To learn how to secure your browser, visit US-Cert at

For additional tips, see the One Step Ahead link on the Information Security website: