Nancy Hornberger: Honorary Degree

Nancy Hornberger, professor of educational linguistics in Penn’s Graduate School of Education, has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Umeå University in Sweden. Since 2012, Dr. Hornberger has served as visiting professor to Umeå University’s Department of Language Studies, consulting and collaborating on the development of Sámi language teaching, teacher education, and research in support of Sámi Indigenous language revitalization.

Dr. Hornberger is internationally known for her work in bilingualism and biliteracy, ethnography and language policy, and Indigenous language revitalization. She researches, lectures, teaches and consults regularly on multilingual education policy and practice in the US and the Andes and has also worked in Brazil, China, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden and other parts of the world. She investigates language and education in culturally and linguistically diverse settings, combining methods and perspectives from educational anthropology, linguistic anthropology and sociolinguistics. She gives special attention to educational policy and practice for Indigenous and immigrant language groups, compared across national contexts.