McCabe Fund Awards for 2018

Last year there were four winners of Fellow awards of $40,000 each:

John P. Reilly, medicine; PSOM

Jason A. Brant, otorhinolaryngology; PSOM

Ronnie Sebro, radiology; PSOM

Payman Zamani, medicine; PSOM   

There were 17 Pilot Award winners who received $22,966 each:

Park F. Cho-Park, systems pharmacology and translational therapeutics; PSOM

Omar Choudhri, neurosurgery; PSOM

Shinjae Chung, neuroscience; PSOM

Molly Church, pathobiology, SVM

Eric Joyce, genetics; PSOM

Yana George Kamberov, genetics; PSOM

Sushila Murthy, anesthesiology & critical care; PSOM

Seyed Ali Nabavizadeh, radiology; PSOM

Kathryn O’Connor, orthopaedic surgery; PSOM

Kyla Ortved, clinical studies, SVM

Marina Serper, medicine; PSOM

Payal D. Shah, medicine; PSOM

Jonathan M. Tan, anesthesiology & critical care; CHOP

Stacy K. Ugras, surgery; PSOM

Andrew E. Vaughan, biomedical science; SVM

Franz Weber, neuroscience; PSOM

Justin B. Ziemba, surgery; PSOM

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