ISC Service Rates and Invoices for FY ’19

ISC plans to hold most rate-based services steady for FY ’19. The Central Service Fee (CSF) rate will increase by 2.41% effective July 1, 2018. The FY ’19 rates are a result of a comprehensive review that took place in partnership with the Penn IT Planning Task Force (ITPTF). See All ISC service rates for FY ’19 are available at

For help determining the services you need, please visit the ISC Client Care website at or call 8-1000. 

Tom Murphy, Vice President for Information Technology  and University Chief Information Officer

ISC Rates for the Following Services will Remain the Same for FY ’19

ISC Rate-Based Service: FY ’19 Service and Rates Page

PennO365 email:

PennNet Ethernet Ports (Data Ports):

Penn Video Network: 

PennNet Phone:

Traditional Telephony: 

Wireless at Penn: 


ISC Invoices—Your New ISC Bill via ISC’s Apptio “Bill of IT”

ISC continues its move to more transparent, easy-to-understand IT bills using Apptio, ISC’s new “Bill of IT” service. With more than 50% of ISC invoices managed by Apptio, ISC is well on its way to managing the vast majority of client bills with Apptio by the end of this fiscal year.

ISC’s Apptio provides clients:

• Automated bill notifications and consolidated access to ISC invoices

• Self-service invoice details, exportable to Microsoft Excel

• Fiscal year-to-date trends for IT charges and service consumption

• Dashboard summary of ISC invoices and trends to inform budgetary conversations

To request access to your departments’ invoices, go to and follow the instructions. An email confirmation will be sent after your account is created that will include instructions for accessing Apptio.