Internet Safety for Kids: October 13

On October 13, ISC Information Security and Wharton are hosting a must-attend event for anyone interested in understanding the full context and impact of technology on the social, emotional and academic lives of children and teens. Erica Pelavin, a psychologist, educator and the co-founder of Palo Alto-based My Digital TAT2, will give a lecture that is an eye-opening look at the constantly-changing number of applications and platforms currently used by teens. Her organization, My Digital TAT2, emphasizes the need to understand how and why teens use technology, and encourages parents and educators to hold an ongoing dialogue with kids on safe usage. Joining her for a panel discussion after the lecture are three Penn subject matter experts: Amy Bleakley (Annenberg School of Communication, research scientist), Scott Schafer (University Privacy Officer) and Wiam Younes (OIS Training Officer). Due to the overwhelming response to this event last year, it is being presented again. This will take place from 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. To register, visit the Penn 2017 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month website.