Daniel Gillion, Beth Simmons: Carnegie Fellows

caption: Daniel GillionDaniel Q. Gillion, the Julie Beren Platt and Marc E. Platt Presidential Associate Professor of Political Science, and Beth Simmons, a Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor and the Andrea Mitchell University Professor of Law, Political Science and Business Ethics, have been named 2018 Andrew Carnegie Fellows. The fellowship provides a $200,000 stipend, allowing recipients to devote up to two years to research and writing.

Dr. Gillion will examine “The Loud Minority: Why Protests Matter in American Democracy.” He will investigate how activism influences elections and voter turnout, whether protests allow marginalized groups to have a greater voice, and the ways protests act as an avenue of communication between activists and non-activists. He will also look at whether gerrymandering endangers democracy and heightens racial inequality.

caption: Beth SimmonsDr. Simmons will focus on “Structures and Sentiment: Understanding Anxieties About International Borders in the Modern World.” She studies international political borders during an age of globalization and hypothesizes that many states have intensified physical structures on their international borders. Her work includes exploring why this is happening and examining some of the consequences of intensified state authority at international borders and border crossings. She will develop two databases: a global satellite-generated database of major border crossings and documentation of public sentiments that view international borders as spaces of opportunity versus threat.