Class of 2018 Ivy Stone

The Class of 2018 Ivy Stone was designed by Jieun Yoon, C’17, and was made from Vermont gray granite. The stone will be installed in the Penn Commons Plaza.

The following awards will be presented during the Ivy Day ceremony on May 12.

Senior Honor Awards

Althea K. Hottel Shield Award: Makayla C. Reynolds, C’18

Gaylord P. Harnwell Flag Award: Silicia I. Lomax, C’18, GR’20

David R. Goddard Loving Cup Award: Alexandra P. Rubin, C’18

R. Jean Brownlee Skimmer Hat Award: Madeline G. Gelfand, ENG’18

Spoon Award: Kayvon Asemani, W’18

Bowl Award: Jerome B. Allen, W’18

Cane Award: Dawit L. Gebresellassie, W’18

Spade Award: Nicholas D. Silverio, W’18

Leadership Awards

Association of Alumnae Fathers’ Trophy: Alexa T. Hoover, C’18; Michelle O. Nwokedi, C’18

Class of 1915 Award: Justin Watson, W’18

James Howard Weiss Memorial Award: Bryan C. Rodriguez, C’18

Penn Student Agencies Award: Sangmin S. Oh, W’17, EE’18, ENG’18

Penn Alumni Student Awards of Merit: Christopher J. D’Urso, C’18, LPS’18; Mariana R. Franca, W’18; Michelle O. Nwokedi, C’18; Kanishka R. Rao, ENG’18, W’18; Jeffrey B. Wiseman, C’18

Sol Feinstone Undergraduate Awards: Sonari Chidi, C’20; Stephen G. Damianos, C’19; Nicholas B. Escobar, C’18; David G. Thai, C’18

The following awards were presented at different award ceremonies this semester.    

Trustees’ Council of Penn Women Leadership Award: Nicole D. Weldon, NU’18

William A. Levi Kite & Key Society Award for Service and Scholarship: Sophia Griffith-Gorgati, C’18; Talya S. Kramer, C’18