2018 Sachs Grant Awards

In its inaugural year, The Sachs Program was able to support 23 projects, distributing a total of $123,000 in arts funding to a diverse spectrum of artists, scholars and cultural centers at Penn. These grants are the first steps in their long-term plans to advocate for the arts across the University.

Teaching Art

Arts Course Development Grants:

David Comberg, PennDesign: The People’s Press

Herman Beavers and Suzana Berger, SAS: August Wilson & Beyond

Rachel Zolf, SAS: Community Writing Course

Arts Integration Grants:

Amitanshu Das, GSE: Fiction Filmmaking with Trauma-informed Practice

Claudia Lynn and Sibel Sayili-Hurley, SAS: Language, Culture and Contemporary Art

Making Art

Sachs Visiting Artists Grants:

Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts: Vessels

Creative Writing Program, SAS: Janice Lowe 2018-2019 Fellow in Poetics

Independent Creative Production Grants:

Bea Huff Hunter, Wharton: Reflexive Writing Strategies In and Around Moyra Davey’s Work

Cary Mazer, SAS: New Play Development

Paul Swenbeck, ICA: Out, Out, Phosphene Candle

Presenting Art

Student Arts Engagement Grants:

Fred Schmidt-Arenales, PennDesign: Group Relations Conference

Institute of Contemporary Art: Visual Thinking Strategies Training

Kevin Laskey, SAS: Almanac, an Evening-Length Work for Classical Musicians & Improvisers

Ramey Mize, SAS: The Incubation Series

Saif Khawaja, Wharton: Electroluminescent Interactive Art & Music

Provosts Interdisciplinary Grants:

Aaron Levy, SAS: Photographies of Conflict

Creative Writing Program, SAS: Community Creative Writing Workshops

Eugene Lew, SAS: Musica Practica/Elettronica Viva

Institute of Contemporary Art: VIP Hours at ICA (Visiting with Infants and Parents)

Kevin Platt, SAS; Kelly Writers House: Your Language—My Ear

Latin American and Latino Studies Program, SAS: The Other 9/11

Marion Leary, Penn Nursing: Nursing Story Slam

Undergraduate Fine Arts, PennDesign: Immersive Studio Project: A Fine Arts Satellite Space