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September 30, 2008 , Volume 55, No. 6

Since 1956, Penn has celebrated a rite of passage each year for faculty and staff of all ranks who meet only one common requisite: they have been members of the University community for 25 years. Another 123 new members crossed the 25-year mark in 2008 and will be inducted at the University of Pennsylvania 25-Year Club celebration on October 2. Members at New Bolton Center will have a separate celebration on October 22.

25-Year Club: New Members for 2008

Ms. Jane R. Abernethy, Operations/Wharton

Dr. Sue McDonnell, Clinical Studies-NBC/Vet

Ms. Mary Armata, Transportation & Parking/Business Services

Mr. Jerome L. McRae, Trades/Facilities

Dr. William A. Ball, Psychiatry/Med

Mr. Gerald Melvin, Transportation & Parking/Business Services

Dr. Jacques Barber, Psychiatry/Med

Mr. Thomas C. Messner, Penn Police/Public Safety

Ms. Anne A. Barr, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine/Med

Dr. Allyn Jane Miner, South Asia Studies/SAS

Dr. Thomas L. Bauer, Surgery Admin/Med

Mr. Philip Miraglia, SAS Computing/SAS

Ms. Georgia Mae Baxter, Admin/Med

Ms. Diane Moderski, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations/SAS

Ms. Pamela Beaty, Advanced Dental Education/Dental Med

Ms. Elizabeth S. Moersh, University Library

Ms. Roberta Bell, Investments/EVP

Dr. Mark A. Morgan, Ob-Gyn/Med

Mr. William Bittner, Trades/Facilities

Dr. Jeanne C. Myers, Biochemistry and Biophysics Admin/Med

Dr. Andrea S. Boxer, Ob-Gyn Admin/Med

Dr. Chandrasekaran Nagaswami, Cell and Development Biology Admin/Med

Mr. Christopher Bristow, Admin/SEAS

Mr. Lawrence E. Nann, NBC/Vet

Ms. Alberta Lee Brittingham, NBC/Vet

Dr. Anita S. Nevyas-Wallace, Ophthalmology Admin/Med

Ms. Cynthia J. Brockett, NBC/Vet

Dr. Anna Pastuszko, Biochemistry and Biophysics/Med

Dr. Bruce K. Brownstein, Ophthalmology Admin/Med

Dr. Mark V. Pauly, Health Care/Wharton

Ms. Carol Buckley, NBC/Vet*

Ms. Laura H. Peller, Environmental Health & Radiation Safety/Provost

Ms. Sandra L. Bullock, Penn Medicine Development & Alumni Relations/Development

Dr. Johannes M. Pennings, Management/Wharton

Dr. Ann Wolbert Burgess/Nursing

Ms. Rebecca Reuling Perry, Fels Admin/SAS

Ms. Corinne L. Cacas, Admissions/Dental Med

Dr. Richard Scott Poethig, Biology/SAS

Dr. Judith A. Coche, Psychiatry/Med

Ms. Sally R. Powell, Ryan Veterinary Hospital/Vet

Ms. Betty Ann Cochran, University Library

Dr. Richard B. Prince, Ophthalmology Admin/Med

Ms. Julie Colleluori/Law

Ms. Patricia S. Rea, Grad Division Admin/SAS

Ms. Susan M. Colleluori, Radiology Admin/Med

Ms. Wanda Reid, Housekeeping/Facilities

Dr. Christos Coutifaris, Ob-Gyn/Med

Ms. Kathleen A. Rick, Human Resources/Med

Ms. Margie Cummings, NBC/Vet*

Mr. Rolando C. Rivera, Admissions/Provost

Ms. Wendy Curtis-Uhle, Ryan Veterinary Hospital/Vet

Dr. Ralph Rosen, Classical Studies/SAS

Mr. Matthew Cutrufello, Operations & Maintenance Admin/Facilities

Ms. Rona D. Rosenberg/GSE

Dr. Peter K. Davies, Materials Science/SEAS

Dr. Howard Rosenman, Dermatology/Med

Dr. David G. De Long, City and Regional Planning/Design

Dr. Richard Jay Ross, Psychiatry/Med

Dr. Margreta de Grazia, English/SAS

Dr. Anthony L. Rostain, Psychiatry/Med

Dr. Robert J. DeRubeis, Psychology/SAS

Dr. Harvey Rubin, Infectious Diseases/Med

Mr. Peter F. Dolhancryk, Neurology/Med

Dr. Michael R. Rudnick, Renal Electrolyte and Hypertension/Med

Dr. Paul Ducheyne, Bioengineering/SEAS

Dr. Deborah H. Schaible, Pediatrics Admin/Med

Dr. Lawrence H. Frame, Cardiovascular Med/Med

Mr. Richard D. Schretzenmair, Pathology Bioresource/Med

Mr. Geoffrey Gee/International Programs

Ms. Anne M. Seidner, NBC/Vet

Dr. Warren B. Gefter, Radiology/Med

Dr. Patricia L. Sertich, Clinical StudiesNBC/Vet

Dr. Marvin H. Greenbaum, Ophthalmology Admin/Med

Mr. Jeffrey A. Sheehan, External Affairs/Wharton

Dr. Peter G. Gross, Ophthalmology Admin/Med

Dr. Wen K. Shieh, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering/SEAS

Ms. Beth S. Haggarty, Hematology-Oncology Admin/Med

Dr. Stephen Eric Shpeen, Endodontics/Dental Med

Dr. Thomas Adam Hanak, Oral Med/Dental Med

Dr. Jeffrey H. Silber, Pediatrics/Med

Ms. Joanne M. Hanna, Undergrad Financial Aid/Development

Dr. Harbir Singh, Management/Wharton

Ms. Jacqueline Harrison, Housekeeping/Facilities

Dr. Surendra Singh, Restorative/Dental Med

Dr. David H. Henry, Hematology-Oncology/Med

Dr. Kenwyn K. Smith, School of Social Policy & Practice

Dr. John J. Heuer, Human Resources

Mr. Robert E. Smith, Physics & Astronomy/SAS

Dr. Keith C. Hinshaw, Clinical Studies-Philadelphia/Vet

Mr. Tyrone Suber, Managed Dining/Business Services

Ms. Marianne Incmikoski, Central Admin/Med

Ms. Barbara J. Thomas, Housekeeping/Facilities

Dr. Zena Indik, Hematology-Oncology Admin/Med

Dr. Paul A. Tiffany, Management/Wharton

Dr. Jerry A. Jacobs, Sociology/SAS

Ms. Mariko Kon Tokito, Physiology Admin/Med

Dr. Janet Kimberly Johnston, NBC/Vet

Ms. Sue Ann Torelli, Research Advisory Group/Wharton

Ms. Adline Jones, Housekeeping/Facilities

Dr. Lyle H. Ungar, Computer Information Science/SEAS

Dr. Peter M. Joseph, Radiology/Med

Mr. Stanley Valciukas, Network Operations/Information Systems & Computing

Dr. Malek Kamoun, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine/Med

Dr. Keith N. Van Arsdalen, Urology/Med

Dr. Joel S. Karp, Radiology Admin/Med

Mr. Richard J. Vaughan, Trades/Facilities

Mr. Donald J. Kelley, Trades/Facilities

Dr. Robert E. Verrecchia, Accounting/Wharton

Mr. Charles King, Housekeeping/Facilities

Ms. Anne M. Viggiano, Dean’s Office/SAS

Ms. Rita J. Kliniewski, Ophthalmology Admin/Med

Ms. Sharon M. Ward, Ryan Veterinary Hospital/Vet

Dr. Insup Lee, Computer Information Science/SEAS

Mr. Rodney Webb, Biology/SAS

Ms. Debra Lefferts, Student Affairs/Vet

Dr. Joyce C. White, Penn Museum

Ms. Mary A. Leonard, Biochemistry & Biophysics/Med

Dr. Peter Wilding, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine/Med

Dr. Virginia A. Livolsi, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine/Med

Ms. Debra D. Williams, Annenberg School

Mr. Ralph Maier, Purchasing/Business Services

Ms. Ernestine Williams, Logan Hall BA/SAS

Ms. Luz N. Marin, Women’s Studies/SAS

Dr. Stephen Zderic, Surgery/Med

Dr. Christine M. Massey, Institute for Research in Cognitive Science/SAS


* 2007 members not included last year




Almanac - September 30, 2008, Volume 55, No. 6