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September 26, 2006, Volume 53, No. 5

Since 1956 Penn has celebrated a rite of passage each year for faculty and staff of all ranks who meet only one common requisite: they have been members of the University community for 25 years. Another 138 new members crossed the 25-year mark in 2006 and will be inducted at the University of Pennsylvania 25-Year Club celebration on October 4.

25-Year Club: New Members for 2006

Dr. Stephanie B. Abbuhl, Emergency Medicine/Med

Ms. Eileen A. Adams, VHUP/Vet

Ms. Christine Aleszczyk, Health Care Systems/Wharton

Ms. Elizabeth Allen, Radiation Oncology/Med

Dr. Paul D. Allison, Sociology/SAS

Dr. Martin D. Altschuler, Radiation Oncology/Med

Ms. Cynthia R. Arkin, Biddle Library/Law

Ms. Cynthia A. Armour, Graduate Division/Wharton

Dr. Leon Axel, Radiology/Med

Dr. Michael J. Baime, General Internal Medicine/Med

Dr. C. Edwin Baker, Law

Mr. Francis Banecker, Student Financial Services/Finance

Dr. Robert Berchick, Psychology/Med

Dr. Kristine A. Billmyer, Dean’s Office/SAS

Dr. Francis B. Brevart, German/SAS

Mr. William J. Burns, Business Admin/SEAS

Mr. Thomas R. Caldwell, NBC/Vet

Ms. Donna M. Carmichael, Ophthalmology/Med

Mr. James M. Carroll, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Mr. Russell W. Carroll, Telecommunications Service/ISC

Ms. Karen D. Carter, PME/GSE

Ms. Rosalind M. Carter, College Houses

Ms. Kathleen R. Cassidy, EHRS/Provost’s Center

Mr. Gene A. Cella, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Dr. Christopher M. Cieri, LDC/SAS

Dr. Robert R. Clancy, Neurology/Med

Ms. Frances M. Clifford, Admin/SAS

Dr. David E. Cohen, Anesthesiology and Critical Care/Med

Dr. Raphael M. Cohen, Renal Electrolyte/Med

Ms. Joanne Confalone, Transportation and Parking/Business Services 

Ms. Laurie Cousart, Dining Operations/Business Services

Ms. Jean Lanza Curcio, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library/University Library

Mr. Howard R. Dankel, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Dr. Jody A. Dantzig, PMI/Med

Mr. Ian H. Davidson, Computing/SAS

Ms. Roslyn K. Davis, Student Conduct/Provost’s Center

Dr. Susan C. Day, General Internal Medicine/Med

Dr. Mary B. Dratman, Psychiatry/Med

Ms. Anne L. Drumheller, NBC/Vet

Ms. Joan C. Du Pont, Ophthamology/Med

Ms. Paula R. Edwards, Microbiology/Dental Med

Ms. Nancy Fedullo, Pulmonary/Med

Mr. Matthew Finucane, Environmental Health/Provost’s Center

Dr. Ian Frank, Infectious Diseases/Med

Dr. Nigel W. Fraser, Microbiology/Med

Ms. Flonnia Freeman, Morris Arboretum

Mr. Brian French, Human Resources

Ms. Charlotte Gallman, Biomedical Library/University Library

Dr. Jerry Paul Gollub, Physics & Astronomy/SAS

Ms. Denice C. Gorte, Electrical Engineering/SEAS

Dr. Raymond J. Gorte, Chemical Engineering/SEAS

Dr. Bulent Gultekin, Finance/Wharton

Dr. Sheldon Hackney, History/SAS

Dr. George Victor Hallman, Insurance Risk Management/Wharton

Ms. Donna M. Hampton, Admin/SEAS

Ms. Paulette C. Harris, Penn-Pace/Nursing

Ms. Yvonne S. Harris, Admin/University Library

Ms. Barbara Jeanne Hayden, Penn Museum

Mr. Frank E. Heilig, Computer Operations/ISC

Dr. Gabor T. Herman, Radiology/Med

Ms. Anne Herron McCann, General Counsel/President’s Center

Ms. Janet T. Heuman, Social Policy & Practice

Ms. Frances G. Hoenigswald, Biddle Library/Law

Ms. Ellen Hornig, Student Financial Services/Finance

Dr. Marla Isaacs, Psychiatry/Med

Ms. Nora J. Jackson, Outside Managed Dining/Business Services

Ms. Jacqueline Jacovini, Curator’s Office/Provost’s Center

Ms. Karen L. Jones, Archives/President’s Center

Ms. Jo Joslyn, University Press/Provost’s Center

Ms. Arlene M. Kaufman, Finance/Nursing

Ms. Nancy S. Kikta, Clinical Studies/Vet

Ms. June M. Kinney, Health Care Systems/Wharton

Ms. Jennifer A. Knapp, Dean’s Office/SAS 

Ms. Regina M. Koch, Student Financial Services/Finance

Ms. Marcelyn Kuklinski, LRSM/Provost’s Center

Ms. Pamela  Lampitt, Residential Living/Campus Services

Capt. Gerald J. Leddy, Penn Police/Public Safety  

Dr. Robert M. Lewitt, Radiology/Med

Dr. James B. Lok, Pathobiology/Vet

Dr. David W. Low, Surgery/Med

Mr. Robert J. McCann, Research Services/Finance

Ms. Susanne R. McCann, Student Financial Services/Finance

Ms. Carol A. McMonagle, Anesthesia/Med

Dr. Barbara Medoff-Cooper, Family & Community Health/Nursing

Dr. Eugene J. Mele, Physics & Astronomy/SAS

Mr. James J. Mesisca, Fiscal Operations/Recreation & Athletics

Ms. Patricia Debra Mickens, Environmental Service/Facilities

Dr. Perry B. Molinoff, Pharmacology/Med

Mr. Roger W. Moss, Historic Preservation/Design

Mr. Edwin Muniz, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Dr. Stanley Muravchick, Anesthesia/Med

Dr. David R. Musich, Orthodontics/Dental Med

Mr. James A. Nelson, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Dr. Itzhak Nissim, Pediatrics/Med

Ms. Jay Ilene Nix, Career Services/Student Services

Mr. Peter N. Nocito, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Ms. Donna A. Oakley, Clinical Studies/Vet

Dr. Ana Lia Obaid, Neuroscience/Med

Ms. Donna M. Oberthaler, Academic Support Programs/Student Services

Dr. Zhen-Kun Pan, Microbiology/Med

Dr. Peter S. Petraitis, Biology/SAS

Mr. William H. Phillips, Dental Med

Ms. Joan M. Plonski, History/SAS

Dr. Robert A. Rescorla, Psychology/SAS

Mr. Gates H. Rhodes, Networking/ISC

Ms. Pamela A. Robinson, College Houses

Ms. Josephine Romano, Hematology/Oncology/Med

Dr. Harvey M. Rosen, Surgery/Med

Ms. Ellen F. Rosenblatt, AIT/ISC

Ms. Elyse Saladoff, Dean’s Office/SAS

Ms. Francesca Seidita, Budget & Management Analysis/EVP’s Office

Ms. Hiroko K. Sherry, East Asian Studies/SAS

Dr. Paul M. Shipkin, Neurology/Med

Ms. Cheryl Shipman, CURF/Provost’s Center

Ms. Susan Shumas, Neurology/Med

Mr. Andre M. Sledge, University Library

Ms. Harriet Cecelia Slogoff, Physics & Astronomy/SAS

Dr. Harris Sokoloff, GSE

Ms. Chrisann J. Sorgentoni, VHUP/Vet

Dr. Saul Sternberg, Psychology/SAS

Mr. Shane B. Stowell, NBC/Vet

Dr. Kenneth Sullivan, Psychiatry/Med

Ms. Carolyn Y. Taylor, Executive Education/Wharton

Ms. Mary K. Taylor, VHUP/Vet

Ms. Margaret Thornton, Managed Dining/Business Services 

Dr. Otto Tidwell, Oral Surgery/Dental Med

Mr. Steven Travaglini, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Ms. Camille Dillard Turnier, Treasurer’s Office/Finance

Dr. Jayaram K. Udupa, Radiology/Med

Ms. Bonnie Vecchiarelli, NBC/Vet

Ms. Gokila Venkateswaran, Research Services/Finance

Mr. Nick Vidnovic, Fine Arts/Design

Dr. Thomas A. Wadden, Psychiatry/Med

Ms. Janet R. Washington, Neurology/Med

Mr. Michael C. Weaver, NBC/Vet

Dr. John W. Weisel, Cell & Developmental Biology/Med

Ms. Melvis M. Williams, Human Resources

Dr. Jeffrey Wortman, Clinical Studies/Vet


Almanac - September 26, 2006, Volume 53, No. 5