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Diversity Fund Call for Proposals: March 15, 2006

Statement of Purpose

The Diversity Fund was established several years ago to promote the University’s mission to create and maintain a diverse student body, faculty, and community, as well as to facilitate research on diversity in higher education.  Although the amount of funding awarded varies, funding for most projects will not exceed $20,000.

The Diversity Fund supports:

Implementation of schools’ strategic plans to support the presence of under-represented minorities (matching funds required).

Research on diversity in higher education.

Projects to diversify the campus environment.

Application Process

Proposals to the Diversity Fund consisting of an original and three copies should be submitted to the Office of the Provost, 122 College Hall/6303 by March 15th of each year.  If the date falls on a weekend or holiday the deadline is the following business day. 

Brevity and clarity will enhance the likelihood of the application’s success. Failure to provide the information in the order requested below, or to comply with page limitations, will risk disqualification from the competition.  All applications should be limited to no more than ten pages and should include:

1. The Diversity Fund cover sheet, which should include the name of the Principal Investigator (one individual only), rank, phone number, e-mail address, department, school, campus address, and mail code; the name of the Business Administrator, phone, and e-mail address; the title of the proposal; and the signatures of the Dean, Department Chair and Principal Investigator.

2.  An abstract of no more than 100 words.

3.  Amount of current support for the project.

4.  Other pending proposals for the same project, if any.

5.  Total amount requested from the Diversity Fund for the project.

6.  A list of related support received during the past three years, with amounts listed by year.  If the proposal was funded in the past by the Diversity Fund, a report on the use of those funds and an assessment of the project’s impact should be attached as an appendix to the application (the appendix is not counted in the total page limitation). 

7.  A list of other Principal Investigators involved with the project. Students should not be listed as co-Principal Investigators.

8.  A brief biographical sketch of each investigator (preferably no more than two paragraphs).

9.  A description of the research proposal of not more than five single spaced pages giving the scope, rationale, significance, plan, and potential impact of the project. Indicate the number of people served by the project, either in the past or projected for the future.

10. Budget, with a listing of items in order of importance to the project. This should be followed by a justification for the items listed. Please note that financial support cannot be provided for non-Penn faculty.

11. A written commitment that the project will not exclude anyone from participation on the basis of any class protected by law.

Criteria for Review

Criteria for review will include the following:

Relation of the project to the Penn Compact and the University’s goals for recruitment and retention of under-represented minorities.

Potential for generating new insights about diversity in higher education.

Budget appropriateness.

Current support.

Projected/committed amount of matching funds and/or School/Responsibility Center contribution.

Questions should be directed to Linda Koons in the Provost’s office (215-898-7227 or koons@pobox.upenn.edu).


  Almanac, Vol. 52, No. 18, January 17, 2006


January 17, 2006
Volume 52 Number 18


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