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In the most recent cycle of Penn’s internally-funded Research Foundation, the Office of theVice Provost for Research has announced awards to the following members of the faculty for the projects listed below.

The deadline for the Fall Research Foundation proposals is November 1.

The Research Foundation Guidelines are available from the Office of the Vice Provost for Research,

215 College Hall, and on the web at

University Research Foundation Awards Spring, 2002

Faizan Alawi, Pathology, Dental Medicine: Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Identification of Molecular Differences Between HPV-positive and HPV-negative Tumors

Katrina Armstrong, Internal Medicine, Medicine: Racial disparities in Provider-Patient Communication about Prostrate Cancer Risk

Paul Axelsen, Pharmacology, Medicine: Internal Reflection Conditioning System

Vijay Balasubramanian, Physics, SAS: Efficient Information Transmission in the Mammalian Retina

Laura J. Balcer, Neurology, Medicine: Visual Dysfunction and Quality of Life in Parkinson’s Disease

Eric Boder, Chemical Engineering, SEAS: System for Production of Site-Specifically Biotinylated Proteins

Lisa Marie Bouillion, Educational Leadership Division, GSE: The Technology Literacy Divide: Young People as a Bridge for Bringing Technology to Urban Schools and Neighborhoods

Francis B. Brevart, German, SAS: Between Magic and Medicine: Wonderdrugs in Medieval German Medical Literature (12th-16th Centuries)

Yuko Goto Butler, GSE: The Effects of the Recent Introduction of English Language Instructions at the Elementary School Level in Taiwan, Korea, and Japan

Joseph Clarke, English, SAS: New Worlds

John C. Crocker, Chemical Engineering, SEAS: A High-Speed Video Camera for Two-point Microrheology

M. Fevzi Daldal, Biology, SAS: Membrane- attached Electron Carriers in Photosynthesis and Respiration: A Global Approach

Jay Todd Dautcher, Anthropology, SAS: Alcohol Consumption and Social Health in China: Perspectives of Health Care Professionals and Beverage Industry Officials on Social Action in Late- Socialist China

Karen Detlefsen, Philosophy, SAS: Embryology, Methodology, and Metaphysics in Eighteenth-Century Germany

David M. Eckman, and Russell J. Composto, Anesthesia, Medicine and Materials Science & Engineering, SEAS: Force of Gas Bubble Adhesion to a Biomimetic Glycocalyx

David Embick, Linguistics, SAS: Syntax and Verb Meaning: A Study of Causation in Igbo Verbal Alternations

Clark L. Erickson, Anthropology, SAS: Computer Recording and Modeling of the Precolumbian Built Environment

Stephane Evoy, Electrical Engineering, SEAS: Electrofluidic Assembly of Functional Nanostructures

Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Economics, SAS: Racial Discrimination as a Correlated Equilibrium

J. Kevin Foskett, Physiology, Medicine: Request for a Dual CFP/YFP Laser

Melanie C. Green, Psychology, SAS: Becoming Transported into Narrative Worlds: Story and Personality Factors

Andrea G. Grottoli, Earth & Environmental Science, SAS: Upwelling Records in Corals: A Multi-Proxy Approach

John H. Holmes, Biostatistics & Epidemiology, Medicine: A New Method for Mining Prospective Epidemiologic Surveillance Data

Dan Hunter, and Thomas Lee, Wharton: UDRP Database: Assessing and Administering Justice Using Semi-structured Data Management.

Karen A. Jehn, Management, Wharton: Faultlines, Conflict and Effectiveness of Peacekeeping Troops in Bosnia

Amishi P. Jha, Psychology, SAS: Keeping Visual Information In and Out of Working Memory

Arthur Johnson, Earth & Environmental Science, SAS: Development of Environmental Geophysics Magnetic Detection Device

Brad F. Johnson, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Medicine: Regulation of Telomere Function by the Werner Syndrome Family of Proteins Using Yeast and Mouse Model Systems

Kelly L. Jordan-Sciutto, Pathology, Dental Medicine: Cell Cycle Protein Role in Parkinson’s Disease

Roland G. Kallen, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Medicine: Transgenic Mouse Models: Studies of Pathomechanisms and Potential Therapies of One Form of Human Hereditary Periodic Paralysis (Paramyotonia Congenita)

Michael Koval, Physiology, Medicine: Regulation of Lung Cell Junctions

Marisa C. Kozlowski, Chemistry, SAS: Bifunctional Salen Catalysts for Asymmetric Synthesis

Aili L. Lazaar, Medicine, Medicine: VEGF and Airway Smooth Muscle Cell Function

Peter D. Le Roux, Neurosurgery Medicine:Bone Morphogenetic Proteins in the Cerebrospinal Fluid

Daniel D. Lee, Electrical & Systems Engineering, SEAS: Distributed 3-D Mobile Sensor Network

Ritty Lukose, Educational Leadership Division, GSE: Learning Modernity: Education and Youth Culture in Kerala, India

Miroslaw Mackiewicz, Medicine, Medicine: Identification of CREB Target Genes

Gerald A. McDermott, Management, Wharton: Institution Building, Network Restructuring, and Firm Creation in Emerging Markets

Mechthild Pohlschroeder, Biology, SAS: Characterization of the Twin Arginine Translocation Pathway in Halophilic Archaea

Jean-Michel Rabate, English, SAS: 8th APCS Annual Conference: "The Emotions"

David M. Rubin, Pediatrics, CHOP: Foster care Placement Patterns and Health Care Utilization Among Foster Care Children in Philadelphia

Thomas Max Safley, History, SAS: Decline, Bankruptcy, and Revival: The Economics and Ethics of Early Capitalist Enterprise, 1500-1800

Lawrence K. Saul, Computer & Information Science, SEAS: A real-time Architecture for Fundamental Frequency Estimation of Overlapping Speakers

Jeffery G. Saven, Chemistry, SAS: Computational Methods for the Partial Design of Membrance Proteins

Paul S. Schmidt, Biology, SAS: Expression Profiling of Reproductive Diapause in Drosophila Melanogaster

Thomas P. Schoenemann, and Janet Monge, Anthropology, SAS: High-Resolution Computed Tomography (CT) of Human and Non-Human Crania from the University Museum: Collection, Archiving, and Analysis

Richard Schultz, and Ted Abel, Biology, SAS: Request for High-Density Cage Racking System to House Mice

Maurice E. Schweitzer, Operations & Information Management, Wharton: Self- Efficacy, Social Proof, and Unethical Decision Making

John T. Seykora, Dermatology, Medicine: The Role of Srcasm in Keratinocyte Differentation

Billy I. Smith, Large Animal Clinical Studies, Veterinary Medicine: Improving Health and Productivity in Holstein Dairy Cows Diagnosed with Twins: Evaluation of Feeding Strategies

Wayne L.Worrell, Materials Science & Engineering, SEAS: A Cold Isostatic Press for the Processing of Advanced Ceramics

Newman Yeilding, Medicine, Medicine: Analysis of Tie2 Function in Tumor Angiogenesis

Takashi Yonetani, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Medicine: Potential Bioactivity of Nitrite in the Vascular System by Reaction with Hemoglobin

Rong Zhou, Radiology, Medicine: Creatine Kinae, a 31P Magnetic Detectable Marker Gene for Quantitation for Gene Therapy of Familial Hypercholesterolemia


Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 1, July 16, 2002


July 16, 2002
Volume 49 Number 1

Dr. Marvin Lazerson gets a new Endowed Chair in Education.
The annual GSE Awards are presented.
The Penn Cancer Center is renamed.
The Faculty Senate's Slate of nominees for the Senate Executive Committee.
PPSA's 2002-2003 Board has been elected.
The A-3 Assembly's officers invite all A-3 employees to a July meeting.
The Trustees held their full board meetings last month.
The report of the Council Committee on Facilities deals with classrooms, Campus Development Plan, and Transportation.
Graduate Medical Education has a new director.
Speaking Out about the future of the BioPond and protecting personal privacy.
Honors for faculty, staff, students, and HUP
Research Foundation Awards for Spring 2002.
Research Roundup: Sumerian Dictionary, Smallpox, Alzheimer's Disease, and Schizophrenia.
New challenges, more efforts to conserve energy and control energy costs.
Business Services: Parking Rates; Children's Center; Mail Service; Dining Services; Customized Penn merchandise; Directory Update; Computer Connection.
New Security Measures for Penn's Networked Systems will require replacing PennNet ID and password PennKeys and passwords.