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GSE Teaching Awards

The GSE Excellence in Teaching Award is presented annually to a GSE faculty member who "intellectually and imaginatively challenges their students and is an outstanding member of the teaching faculty." This year’s award was given to Dr. Teresa Pica.

Dr. Pica joined GSE in 1983. She currently works with the School District of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Department of Education in professional development, is an academic advisor to Kyoritsu Women’s University, Tokyo, and a research advisor to faculty at the Universidad del Pais Vasco, Spain. She serves on the editorial boards of many of journals of language study and has held guest lectureships at Temple University, Japan, the University of Sydney, and the TESOL Summer Institute.

Dr. Pica has been awarded grants from the NSF, the Ivy League Consortium on Language Learning and Teaching, and the University’s Research Foundation. She has also received fellowships and tuition grants from the U.S. Department of Education to support local teachers and doctoral students. Other awards include the Ethel G. Carruth Term Chair, the Lindback Award, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Research Award, and the TESOL Research Award. She has supervised over 50 Ph.D. dissertations here and abroad.

The GSE Outstanding Service to Students Award is presented annually to recognize a member of the GSE community "who has shown a strong commitment to GSE students. It is intended to acknowledge an individual who goes beyond his or her official responsibilities to guide students in their academic and professional lives and who simply makes life better for students with his or her thoughtfulness and care. The recipient of this year’s Award is Dr. Paul Skilton-Sylvester.

Dr. Skilton-Sylvester received his Ph.D. from GSE and currently serves on the Teacher Education faculty and coordinates the elementary Teacher Education Program. He is a role model for students, inspiring and supporting them through their experiences at GSE and in their assignments in the schools. He was commended to the Student Affairs Committee as a staff member and mentor who is "committed, passionate, supportive and always available. He is concerned with students as individuals and creates opportunities for students to express their individual talents and achievements in their work."

The Phi Delta Kappa Award for an Outstanding Dissertation has been presented to Dr. Janet Kroll, whose dissertation, "Learning to Do: An Analysis of the School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994" includes a comprehensive study of the design, enactment and state implementation of the federal School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994. Dr. Kroll’s research is of central importance to policy makers and educational practitioners and researchers.

The GSE Educational Alumni Association presented the 2002 William E. Arnold Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in a Graduate Program to Hye Won Yu who graduated from the TESOL program in December 2001. As a master’s student, Ms. Yu served as a source of guidance, support and advice for international students at GSE, sharing her experiences and instilling confidence in her fellow students. In the fall, she established the Korean Student Association at GSE as a vehicle for Korean students to exchange information and share ideas.

Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 1, July 16, 2002


July 16, 2002
Volume 49 Number 1

Dr. Marvin Lazerson gets a new Endowed Chair in Education.
The annual GSE Awards are presented.
The Penn Cancer Center is renamed.
The Faculty Senate's Slate of nominees for the Senate Executive Committee.
PPSA's 2002-2003 Board has been elected.
The A-3 Assembly's officers invite all A-3 employees to a July meeting.
The Trustees held their full board meetings last month.
The report of the Council Committee on Facilities deals with classrooms, Campus Development Plan, and Transportation.
Graduate Medical Education has a new director.
Speaking Out about the future of the BioPond and protecting personal privacy.
Honors for faculty, staff, students, and HUP
Research Foundation Awards for Spring 2002.
Research Roundup: Sumerian Dictionary, Smallpox, Alzheimer's Disease, and Schizophrenia.
New challenges, more efforts to conserve energy and control energy costs.
Business Services: Parking Rates; Children's Center; Mail Service; Dining Services; Customized Penn merchandise; Directory Update; Computer Connection.
New Security Measures for Penn's Networked Systems will require replacing PennNet ID and password PennKeys and passwords.